Wet Mountain Valley

Photos of Westcliffe, Custer County, Huerfano County, Sangre de Cristo Range

Mountains Galore In The Wet Mountain Valley
January 26-28, 2018 - I spent the weekend in Westcliffe (the county seat of Custer County) and was constantly taking pictures of the Sangre de Cristo Range to the west. On this page are my best photos and a few videos. Okay, I'll be honest... I am now a resident of Westcliffe. So you have been hereby warned that you'll be seeing many more shots of the scenery in this part of Southern Colorado. :)

Westcliffe, CO
The westerly view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from Hermit Road in Westcliffe.

Photos by Steve Garufi, a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Westcliffe, CO

Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range

Westcliffe, CO

Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range

Ahhh the mountain scenery speaks for itself.

The third photo includes the Family Dollar. That particular photo was taken in the town of Silver Cliff.

This is an invitation to read my memoir, the story of my first bike across America trip ...

Huerfano County Mountains

Huerfano County Road 550 - Gardner, CO

On Saturday, I intended to drive up Huerfano County Road 550 in Gardner all the way to Mosca Pass. The scenery gives a lot of "bang for your buck." :)
Mountain Scenery Such a peaceful Colorado mountain scene.
Abandoned Homestead

Mosca Pass Trailhead

TOP: An abandoned homestead.

Here's what I thought of it ...

SECOND: Where CR 550 splits, I took the road that headed towards the Mosca Pass Trailhead. However, about 1-2 miles in, the road became narrow and bumpy -- it was too unnerving for my tastes in a Honda Civic. So I turned back.

Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado On the way back towards Gardner, I had this beautiful view of Greenhorn Mountain. It was great to see it from this angle, as my friends and I hiked it last summer.

Bonus Photo Colorado Bison Ranch
On Highway 69 in Huerfano County, I spotted this herd of bison with the Sangre de Cristo Range positioned perfectly in the background.

One More Landscape Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range
Your average shot of the plains meeting the mountains. Expect more images like this as I spend more time in Custer County.

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