Westcliffe, Colorado

One Of The Most Amazing Small Mountain Towns In Colorado ...
If you love the combination of small towns and Colorado's mountains, then surely Westcliffe and Silver Cliff in Custer County has got to be on your favorite list. Over the years, I've been to Westcliffe here and there, but not often enough. Maybe this page will be my reason to hike and bike in the region more often. Below are my best photos, and as you can see, all of them have the towering Sangre De Cristo Mountains in the background.

Westcliffe, Colorado
A pretty view of Main Street in Westcliffe. This was part of my drive from Walsenberg to Westcliffe.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Sangre De Cristo Mountains


The scenery opens with grand views of the Sangre De Cristo Range. This is traveling south near Hillside and heading toward Westcliffe.
Silver Cliff and Westcliffe, CO A pretty photo in Silver Cliff.
Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range The Sangre De Cristo Range with ranchland in the foreground.
Sangre De Cristo Range Pretty tree and mountains.
Westcliffe, Colorado A dirt road that leads into Westcliffe.
Sangre De Cristo Range, CO The same dirt road as above, but from a distance downward. :)

Westcliffe and Sangre De Cristo Range The Sangre De Cristo Mountains peak their heads on the scenic drive from Wetmore to Westcliffe.

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