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Vicksburg, CO and Winfield, CO - Ghost Towns

Photos of Two Colorado Ghost Towns In Clear Creek Canyon In North Chaffee County

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Vicksburg, Colorado

Vicksburg, Colorado

June 2006 - Today I visited Vicksburg and Winfield, two very interesting ghost towns in northern Chaffee County. To get there, go west on Chaffee County Road 390 at the Clear Creek Reservoir.

The road is rough in some parts, but is definitely drivable for an ordinary vehicle.

Vicksburg, CO

Vicksburg, Colorado

I reached the town of Vicksburg first, which has a fenced off area with restored buildings, horse buggies and other items. In its heyday, Vicksburg had approximately 500 residents.
Vicksburg, CO
Vicksburg, Colorado
Margaret McGowen Wallace
Although there are no year-round residents, many of the buildings that remain standing are privately owned.

A bench had a touching tribute to Margaret McGowan Wallace (1906-1989), a life long resident of Vicksburg. I am sure she must have been a tough woman to have lived in this isolated canyon for all of her life!

The original tram drum from the nearby Fortune Mine. Amazing!

Winfield, Colorado

Winfield, Colorado

Four miles west of Vicksburg is its neighboring town, Winfield. This was another once-bustling mining town.

Winfield, Colorado
Winfield, Colorado
The Ball Cabin is very interesting building that served as a private residence. I got a good photo of the restored inside which gives a good picture of how people lived in the mining era.
Winfield, Colorado A sign gave information about Winfield. From everything I have heard and read, Winfield reached a population of 1,500 during its busiest years.
Winfield, Colorado The old schoolhouse of Winfield.
Rocky Mountain Scenery

Colorado Mountain Scenery

The scenery in Winfield is just beautiful, isn't it? :)

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    One more photo of the grand scenery with myself included!

    Colorado Beautiful Scenery

    Photos On Chaffee County Road 390 Inside Clear Creek Canyon

    Traveling upward into Clear Creek Canyon provided some really beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and scenery. The adjacent photo shows Clear Creek Reservoir.

    Clear Creek Canyon A sign on the road before reaching Vicksburg.

    Colorado Mountains

    Two more pretty shots of mountains.

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    I made both of these videos in July 2011.
    They are simple "walk around" videos with no narration.

    You can't beat those mountain views in Winfield.
    Life is too short not to live in Colorado! :)

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