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U.F.O. Watchtower - Hooper, Colorado

My Visit With Photos of a U.F.O. Lookout Area in The San Luis Valley (Southern Colorado)

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U.F.O. Watchtower
U.F.O.'s! I had just visited Zapata Falls near Great Sand Dunes National Park and was driving north of Hooper when I felt compelled to check out the San Luis Valley's very own U.F.O. Watchtower and Information Center!
You can't miss it: The U.F.O. Watchtower is just north of the small town of Hooper on Highway 17. You'll see many creative signs like this one. ;)
U.F.O. Alien U.F.O. Watchtower I love the alien at the entrance (left) and the other alien with red eyes that directed me to the parking lot. Interestingly, on this sunny and warm April afternoon, I was the only person there!
San Luis Valley U.F.O. Lookout I climbed up to the watchtower level and posed as if I was looking up to the sky. Whether you believe in U.F.O.'s or not, I have a feeling the stars would be amazing to view at night out there.

Also, the views of the mountains, particularly of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, aren't too shabby either.

U.F.O. Watchtower I should note that the topic of U.F.O.'s have been covered on this web site before: U.F.O.'s in Manitou Springs. :)
U.F.O. Watchtower There is an endearing healing garden comprising of items that most would consider junk. Yet as a whole, this was a special place. I loved it! :)
San Luis Valley U.F.O. Center Cute UFO sculpture.

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    While there, I capture two photos of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the east and southeast respectively. The mountain scenery is impressive.

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