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Twining Peak, Colorado - Elevation 13,711 Feet

Twining Peak, a 13er on the Continental Divide
Twining Peak is a Sawatch Range 13er that's about two miles north of Independence Pass. Hiking this mountain has some appeal: 1) The climb begins at the parking lot of Independence Pass, so no worries about 4WD issues, and 2) The elevation gain is a doable 1,700 feet. Round trip, this ascent took me four hours and 15 minutes, and that included a 15 minute rest at the summit.

Directions: Park at Independence Pass and hike north. Ascend Peak 13500' then go down the ridge and take on the final ascent to Twining Peak. You'll see it all on your National Geographic Trails Illustrated #127 map (Aspen/Independence Pass).

Twining Peak, Colorado
The beauty of Twining Peak, as seen from the south.

Twining Peak, Colorado
The west slopes of Twining Peak with Independence Lake below. This photo was taken from my hike of Geissler Mountain.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Independence Pass, CO

Hike Photos

June 29, 2009 - I parked my car at Independence Pass and captured the obligatory photo of the sign that many tourists and visitors capture. :)

Independence Pass, CO As I climbed Peak 13500', and unnamed 13er, I marveled at how small and distant Independence Pass was becoming.
Twining Peak, CO Twining Peak comes into view on the left.
Skiers Two guys from Vail who continue to ski regularly in the mountains. They said they were climbing Peak 13500' to ski down the eastern slope of the mountain.
Mountain Scenery Rocks and mountain scenery.
Blue Lake, CO

Twining Peak, CO

Near the summit of Peak 13500', the remainder of the route to Twining Peak came into view.

The body of water (top photo) is Blue Lake, and notice it is still thawing out! I love it! :)

At this point, I hiked north toward Twining Peak. This ridge comprises of the Continental Divide.

Twining Peak, CO A closer look at Twining Peak from the saddle between these two mountains.
Twining Peak, CO Snow The final grunt required me hiking on snow.
Twining Peak, Colorado Approaching the top.
Twining Peak Route

Twining Peak Climb

In retrospect...

If I do this climb again, I will completely avoid Peak 13500'.

TOP PHOTO: The top photo was taken from Independence Pass - one can see Twining Peak. I could have walked along the gulch to reach the saddle between the mountains.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Picture taken on Twining Peak's summit. I outlined the route that I took on the way down, which was quicker than climbing much of Peak 13500'.

Twining Peak, Colorado

Me on the summit.
Steve Garufi
The grand view to the west: the Roaring Fork River (as a infant waterway), Linkins Lake (far left) and the green valley that is the site of Aspen, Colorado. The distinctly white mountain on the horizon is Snowmass Mountain. Colorado Rocky Mountains
About two to three feet of snow was on the summit. I placed my backpack on there to help with perspective. Twining Peak, CO


I zoomed-in on 14er La Plata Peak. La Plata Peak, CO
The view of Independence Lake and Geissler Mountain to the northwest. Independence Lake, CO
The view to the north - many more unnamed 13ers continue to comprise of the divide.
Grand mountain views!

TOP: Facing east with Mt. Elbert (14,433 feet), South Elbert (14,134 feet) Bull Hill (13,761 feet) and Casco Peak (13,908 feet) in view.

BOTTOM: Facing northeast. Mount Champion (13,646 feet) is the huge mountain in the foreground. I took note of Mt. Sherman way out there as well.

Mt. Elbert

Colorado Rocky Mountains

The view of Peak 13500'. Notice Highway 82 is visible on the right. Colorado Rocky Mountains
Two more photos of the rocky ridge south of the summit.

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    Twining Peak, CO

    Snow Waterfall And Snow On The Descent

    On the way down, I hiked through snowfields.

    There's a waterfall over there. :)

    Waterfall Waterfall

    Snow and Waterfall

    Three more photos of this waterfall. So pretty!

    The last photo might be my favorite. It includes the summit of Twining Peak, the waterfall and a good perspective of the size of the snowfield in the foreground.

    Happy mountain climbing, friends.

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