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Turner Peak (Elevation 13,232 feet) - Chaffee County, Colorado

A 13er In The Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Near Cottonwood Pass
Turner Peak is a ranked Colorado 13er that lives in the shadows of more popular mountains, namely Mount Princeton, Mount Yale, Mount Columbia and Mount Harvard, all 14ers. This mountain, however, offers great views of the Sawatch Range, and the low amount of foot traffic makes it a winner for those seeking solitude. Turner Peak sits at 13232 feet and while there is no trail, much of the hike is above timberline when accessed from Cottonwood Pass and/or Chaffee County Road 306. On this page are photos from my two hikes of this mountain in 2014 and 2007.

Turner Peak, Colorado
The view of Turner Peak in the vicinity of Lost Lake. (This is on the Chaffee County side of the Continental Divide.)

Turner Peak, CO
Turner Peak is front and center on this section of Chaffee County Road 306.
Ptarmigan Lake, Colorado
A grand mountain shot of Turner Peak (pointed peak on left), Mount Yale (right) and Ptarmigan Lake in front.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Mike, Tom and Mike


July 30, 2014 - My three hiking partners pose at the Cottonwood Pass parking lot: Mike Weatherred, Thomas Lunt and Mike Hughes. Good guys, there are!
Cottonwood Pass, Colorado Regretfully, Mike W.'s knee was hurting and he turned back at the beginning . As the three of us climbed Peak 12581', I got a photo of him sitting on the grass with the beautiful pass area. He's the black speck on the ridge, right of center.

Earlier in the week, I met Mike at Cottonwood Pass to do the annual draft order ceremony for my fantasy football league.

Turner Peak, CO Turner Peak came into view as we neared the top of Peak 12581'.
Snow in July A photo of snow to cheer you, encourage you.
Turner Peak, Colorado At this point many hikers will look at Turner Peak and get real scared. No doubt, it looks intimidating. This is no leisure hike and it is not recommended for beginniners. When you dip down to the base, work your way up and aim for the saddle between Peak 12873' and Turner Peak. Having hiked this twice, I'd say heading straight up somewhere on the left is your best bet.
Turner Peak, Colorado Looking up at Turner Peak. It's such a pretty mountain.
Thomas Lunt

Colorado Mountain Hiking

The toughest climb is right here. Thomas was ahead of me much of the time, so he got included in my pictures.

This second image of him working hiking upward with beautiful mountain scenery is a great one, isn't it? :)

Mountain Fog It was a foggy morning.
Turner Peak, CO

Turner Peak Summit (13232 Feet)

The three of us on top.
Turner Peak, CO

Turner Peak

Hartenstein Lake, CO

Because of all the clouds, it was tough to take good photos. (Keep scrolling to see better images from a sunny morning in 2007.)

TOP: Facing south. Chaffee County Road 306 is below with Jones Mountain, Emma Burr Mountain and a slew of Sawatch Range peaks.

SECOND: Facing southwest. More of Chaffee County Road 306 with Gladstone Ridge being the largest peak on the right.

THIRD: Clouds hover over Hartenstein Lake. I'm thinking that another successful route to Turner Peak is from the Denny Creek Trail.

Arkansas Flag in Colorado Arkansas baby!
My friend Mike Hughes of Little Rock is visiting Colorado this week. We proudly held up the Arkansas flag on the summit. :) Most of you will NEVER understand.
Cottonwood Pass, CO We took the loooooong way back to Cottonwood Pass. We hiked down Osbourne Creek, then took an old wagon road that runs along Chaffee County Road 306 to our car.


On the summit.

Not a shabby hike.

Coming down Turner Peak.

Thomas reached the summit first.

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Turner Peak, Colorado


June 15, 2007 - A morning image of Turner Peak from Chaffee County Road 306 near Cottonwood Pass.
Turner Peak, CO I began my hike at Cottonwood Pass and hiked up Peak 12,581'. From there, I snapped the first photo with Turner Peak on the right. You can see my entire route here. I hiked down the saddle and worked my way up between the Peak 12,873' (left) and Turner Peak (right).
Turner Peak At the saddle, looking toward Turner Peak.
Turner Peak I hiked up a steep and grassy area with the summit in view.
Boulder Field Collegiate Peaks Wilderness There's a boulder field near the summit. At one point, I rested and snapped the photo (right) of Mount Harvard and Mount Columbia out there.
Turner Peak, Colorado

The Summit of Turner Peak

All told, it took me two hours to arrive at Turner Peak from the Cottonwood Pass parking lot.

I had the mountain entirely to myself. The log indicated I was the first person to reach the summit in five days. :)

Hartenstein Lake and Mt. Yale
Mt. Princeton
Chaffee County Road 306
Cottonwood Pass Area
Ice Mountain
Mt. Harvard and Mt. Columbia
The scenery were amazing in all directions.

TOP: Facing east towards Mt. Yale (alt. 14,197) with Hartenstein Lake in the lower left.

SECOND: A photo of Mt. Princeton, a mountain that I regularly photograph on

THIRD: I love this photo. Facing south, I captured Jones Mountain with peak after peak out beyond. Chaffee County Road 306 is in foreground.

FOURTH: Facing west, the Cottonwood Pass parking lot is out of sight and Point 12581'. to the right. I hiked down that ridge along the line of vertical snow.

FIFTH: The "Three Apostles" (right) and surrounding mountains as I faced northwest.

BOTTOM: Facing the northeast, one of those mountains out there is Mount Harvard.

Now, I have many pages in this area including an entire website dedicated to Cottonwood Pass:

Other 13ers in the Sawatch Range:
Peak 13078'
Boulder Mountain
Gladstone Ridge
Quail Mountain

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak
I was able to see Pikes Peak, over 100 miles away to the east. My Colorado Springs friends might appreciate this.

The top photo includes Cottonwood Canyon, the upper Arkansas River Valley and numerous smaller peaks in front of Pikes Peak's snowy top. The bottom photo, a zoom-in, does a better job at showing the peak.

Cottonwood Pass Coming back down with Cottonwood Pass in view.

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