Tenderfoot Mountain Via Spiral Drive - Salida, Colorado

Hike To The "S" on Tenderfoot Mountain - Salida, Colorado
Located on the town's east side near downtown, Tenderfoot Mountain is a popular and easy hike in Salida. Spiral Drive travels all the way to the summit, but get out of car like most do and hike or ride your bike. There are other trails behind the mountain for the more ambitious.

Directions: If you have a GPS, simply enter "Spiral Drive" in Salida. Or from the traffic light in downtown, travel north on First Street. As you're leaving town (but before you pass the hospital), turn right at the Spiral Drive sign. Cross the Arkansas River, then turn right on CR 175. Follow the signs and turn right on CR 176, which is Spiral Drive.

Salida, Colorado
Tenderfoot Mountain -- sometimes referred as "S" Mountain -- looks like a pretty ornament from F Street in Salida.

Salida, Colorado
Another pretty view of Tenderfoot Mountain from the Monarch Spur Trail.

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Tenderfoot Mountain, CO


November 10, 2013 - Heading up Spiral Drive to the summit.

There is a gate that is either open or closed. Either way, pull over and walk up the road. Get some exercise. Enjoy the outdoors. :)

S Mountain Lookout At the summit, there's a lookout structure.

I have no idea what the history is around this, but I'll update this page when I learn about it.

Tenderfoot Mountain in Salida

Mount Shavano, Colorado

Mount Princeton, CO

Truly, the mountain scenery at the summit is spectacular! It's worth your time to hike up here.

TOP: The grand view across the valley. Mount Aetna, Mount Shavano, Mount Antero and Mount Princeton are all out there.

SECOND: A close-up shot of Mount Shavano.

THIRD: Mount Princeton. I'll probably use this photo for my journal, www.mtprinceton.org. :)

Salida, CO Facing south. The Sangre De Cristo Range in the distance.
Salida, Colorado

Downtown Salida

You really get to see all of Salida up there. I also got a shot of downtown. Love it!

Steve and Shana Special thanks to Shana for driving from Woodland Park to visit me. Last month, we hiked to the Siamese Twins in Garden of the Gods. There's no doubt my mind that she's not a shabby friend! :)


Four minutes on top of the mountain.

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