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Steve Caught Using Neighbor's Wi-Fi Connection

Steve Spotted With Laptop On Front Lawn; Password Learned Thru "Small Town Gossip" - February 11, 2007

Steve Garufi BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi was caught red-handed using the wireless Internet connection in front of a Buena Vista household this week, and was even photographed typing away on his laptop in public view.

Kent Naegele (photo below), the homeowner who pays a monthly fee for his wireless connection, said he was "taken aback" when he saw Steve sending emails near the entrance of his home.

"I'm usually concerned about what the deer do -- eating the grass, messing up the flower beds and pooping on the lawn -- but now I have to worry about Steve being out here," stated Kent.

Although Kent's wireless Internet connection is password protected, Steve learned the password from other residents -- "small town gossip" is what it's called in the small mountain town of 2,500 year-round residents.

"When I learned what the password is, I felt an overwhelming temptation to see if it would work," explained Steve, "He has a speedy and strong connection, which was great. I surfed for about 45 minutes!"

Kent Naegele Kent considers Steve a friend and has hosted him at his house many times, but that didn't stop him from being direct in his feedback. "Next time, just come into the house and have something to eat while you're at it."

As news spread about Steve getting caught, people gave varied perspectives about the matter.

"If you were bogging down my Madden game, I'd be pissed," said Jesse, "Other than that, I wouldn't mind if you used my wireless."

Sharon Johnson in Colorado Springs had a challenging question. "You were out on someone's lawn at 7:30 in the morning?!" she asked, "What are you, a farm animal? Couldn't you be more discrete?"

Steve admitted that after he recently purchased a laptop computer, he has become obsessed with finding free wi-fi spots in his area to play on the Internet.

"I think my landlord across the driveway has wi-fi, but I don't know that password yet," said Steve.

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