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Steve Avoids Kansas Turnpike During Road Trip; Keeps His Dignity

Kansas EASTERN KANSAS -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi found a way to circumvent a 40-mile stretch of the Kansas Turnpike in eastern Kansas last week. Steve's route helped him save approximately two dollars, but more importantly, he saved his dignity.

As seen in the left photo, Steve traveled across the southern suburbs of Kansas City, reached Lawrence via Highway 10, then drove adjacent to the turnpike all the way to Topeka. With the exception of some traffic lights in Lawrence, he drove 55 miles per hour or above most the way.

The incident struck a cord with friend Jason Friesma. "That's ridiculous for the Kansas Turnpike to ask for money," he contended. "Maybe you should have pulled to the toll booth expecting them to pay you."

Steve Later in the day, Steve said, "I want my friends in Kansas to know that avoiding the Kansas Turnpike can be done from Kansas City to Topeka."

A matter of controversy, Steve has touted himself as "geographically superior" to most of the country and has challenged many of his friends who live in the plains states to move. Earlier in his road trip, Steve broke down and was sobbing in his car over the thought of people languishing for their entire lives in Iowa.

As news spread about Steve's victorious deed, a litany of comments about Kansas came about.

"It's like kicking people when they're down. It's bad enough to live in Kansas, and now you're going to ask them to pay to drive there? That's wrong!" added Jason.

Brandi D., a regular forum visitor who moved out of central Kansas and is happy with her move, encouraged Steve. "Friends don't let friends waste their money on turnpikes for crap ass (Kansas) drives."

"I knew a guy who grew up in Kansas. He could not get out of there fast enough!" stated Tom (the "Cigar Smoking Man") in the chat room.

Although Steve was offended at the prospect of paying a toll to drive in Kansas, he does not consider himself anti-Kansas. He plans to visit again soon to stand on Mount Sunflower (elevation 4,039 feet), the highest point in the state.

Kansas Highway
A photo of the average scene from a boring section of highway in Kansas.

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