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Steve Barfs In Failed Attempt To Drink Full Bottle Of Coffee Creamer

Vanilla Caramel Creamer Was "Just Too Much"; Friend Is Grossed Out - May 7, 2006

BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- An attempt to chug an entire bottle of vanilla caramel coffee creamer went awry, when Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi got half way through and vomited horrifically on a friend's patio. Witnessing the event was his friend and neighbor Jennifer, who was utterly grossed out.

"I thought I was taking pictures of a great deed," said Jennifer, "and then all of sudden, you started puking. That was disgusting!"

According to Steve, he wanted to celebrate a recent hike at Great Sand Dunes National Park. As he was telling his friend about the outing, he got so excited that he impulsively grabbed the 16-ounce bottle of CoffeeMate coffee creamer to show off.

"It was supposed to be a good thing, but as I was drinking it, all that sugar in my throat triggered something," explained Steve, who still had a "funny feeling" in his throat an hour later.

"That was really funny to watch," said Jennifer, "but it would have been nice if you would have yakked on the grass and not on the patio."

For some, the question is: Has Steve learned his lesson about not foolishly drinking coffee creamer like it's water of ice tea?

"I'll stick to putting a touch of it in my coffee and leave it at that," said Steve.

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