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Christmas Candy House Becomes Ransacked And Dilapidated

Friends Deem Structure As "Detroit Crack House" Replica

Candy House Candy House BUENA VISTA, CO -- The once-attractive Christmas candy house at a Buena Vista household has been deemed uninhabitable and a replica of a "Detroit crack house."

The home, made of gingerbread with numerous candies and jellies stuck to the outside with icing, had one side of the roof almost completely gone and the front entrance door blown out. It looked like a bomb had struck it. Pieces of candy, closely resembling rubble, were scattered inside the structure.

"The home has seen better days," admitted Dave Blackburn (bottom left), who sipped hot tea on his back deck, "It was once a wonderful house but now it's just a place for people to shoot up."

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi, who was visiting his friends, was encouraged to eat as much of the candy remaining on the house.

"I like the red and green circular jellies," said Steve (bottom right photo), "I tried to pull off some of the Tootsie Rolls, but they were really stuck to the icing."

Once the photos of the dilapidated candy house were shown to the community, a flurry of reactions were given.

"It looks like a redneck septic tank that was overly decorated for Christmas, and the contents caused it to explode due to overuse on New Year's Eve," stated Scott Baker in Colorado Springs.

"And it does look like a crack house ... for that matter, a Colorado Springs crack house!" he added.

"Was it made out of graham crackers or ginger bread? If it was graham crackers, no wonder it's already falling down. It's ghetto," stated Kansas Kelly.

Lisa in Victor, Colorado had an interesting perspective: "Welcome to the Hypoglycemia house, ravaged by irresponsible diabetics!" she said.

Steve plans to visit his friends in the next day to borrow a bike rack so he can have his road bike while in Arizona ... and to have more candy, of course.

"There are some red hots I'd like to have and I'll be game for more of those red and green jellies," he said.

One more photo of the candy house...
Candy House

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