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Dry Ramen Noodles, Pretzels & Candy Corn Soda For Breakfast

Steve Creates and Enjoys Breakfast Never Eaten Before in Human History - April 24, 2008

Bad Breakfast BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Need new breakfast ideas? Well look no further than this web site!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi created a new breakfast for himself this morning, as he feasted on dry clumps of ramen noodles and yogurt pretzels, then washed it down with candy corn flavored soda by Jones Soda Company.

According to Steve, he described the meal as "delicious" and later said "it wasn't too bad" as he told his friends about the news.

"Ewwww, that's disgusting!" exclaimed Lisa in Teller County, "Candy corn soda must be gross!"

Steve admitted he ate the ramen noodles dry because he was too lazy to turn it into a soup, even though merely adding hot water to the noodles would have done the trick.

"That's sounds so bland," added Lisa, "Matzo bell soup has more flavor that ... and you just missed passover."

Candy Corn Soda Tom in Florida offered his perspective: "I think that's a diabetic coma waiting to happen! You could put the ramen and pretzels in a bowl with the soda and make a stew."

Bill Rogan in Denver said, "I'm surprised your breakfast hasn't caught on. Perhaps you can suggest it to Denny's. Or, call Wheaties and tell them there is a new breakfast of champions!"

Left Photo: Steve drinks from a can of candy corn soda during breakfast this morning.

Later in the afternoon, Steve denied having any "bowel troubles" of any kind.

"How could you with all those pretzels in your system?" asked Lisa.

Steve owns a case with 24 cans of Jones Soda's Halloween limited addition candy corn soda, which really does taste just like candy corn!

"The first time I tried it, I'll admit it tasted a little weird, but now I'm used to the flavor," explained Steve.

Steve has a lengthy history of eating bizarre meals. Last year, he ate eleven red vines and apple soda for breakfast. He has also eaten fish sticks and blueberry waffles for lunch and corn niblets with canned pears for dinner. Lastly, he once attempted to break Joe DiMaggio's record of 56 by drinking Big Gulps in 33 consecutive days.

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