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Mid-Life Crisis Leads To "Soul Searching" At Arizona Trucks Stops!

(Smoking Bad Cigars At "Dot On the Map" Arizona Towns Becomes Habit - January 14, 2007)

Arizona Truck Stop BENSON, ARIZONA -- A so-called "mid-life crisis" has Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi engaging in some bizarre behaviors during his visit to southern Arizona. While some people stereotypically buy motorcycles, switch careers or dress like teenagers as a means of dealing with mid-life crisis issues, Steve has been habitually visiting remote trucks stops and smoking cheap cigars to cope with his crisis.

Friends have given him mixed feedback about his new habit.

"You look miserable in that picture!" exclaimed Amy in Kansas, known as "Little Amos" on the forums.

"That's a fine way to spend the day ... surrounded by lizards who think you're uppity because you are smoking cigars instead of Marlboro red packs!" said Scott in Colorado Springs, "You could find 'the one' doing that."

According to Steve, he recently purchased an Arizona Cardinals t-shirt as a "way to cope" and is considering crossing into the Mexican border illegally to become a vendor of things like mexican rugs, cactus-shaped shot glasses and dream catchers in Nogales, Mexico. He hopes such a drastic change would be part of inventing the "new Steve."

Dave Ortiz in New Mexico had an insightful perspective. "You look despondent. Could it be the Cardinals football record?" he asked.

"Steve, buy a fancy sports car or something, dont kill yourself smoking ... or worse, get killed by some crazy trucker!" urged Sarah, Steve's Hair Consultant.

In the first week of his month-long visit to southern Arizona (adjacent photo), Steve has visited four truck stops and rest areas in small, "dot on the map" Arizona towns such as Benson, Tombstone, Why and Robles Junction.

"I thought about seeking counseling, but smoking these cigars are a lot cheaper at helping me get to the root of the problem." Steve stated.

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