Springtime In The Rockies

Photos of Snow and Mountains Near Cottonwood Pass; Videos of Spring Season Scenery

May 19, 2012 Photos
Today was a typical Colorado spring day. It was warm in the Arkansas River Valley, but very mild -- and at times chilly -- up in the mountains. On this page are four photos and three videos from my wandering on Chaffee County Road 306, which connects the town of Buena Vista, Colorado and Cottonwood Pass. As you can see, there are still areas with snow, but sadly, it is melting.

Spring Snow

I hiked in the forest and reveled in the wonderful patches of snow that still remain. Two weeks earlier was the last time we received significant spring snowfall.

Springtime Rocky Mountains

A beautiful mountain photo that includes Gladstone Ridge, a 13er.

Gloomy Gray Sky

A dark and gloomy sky over the Three Apostles at Cottonwood Pass.

Spring Snow

More clouds and moisture. Snow melting in the higher elevations. And stunning snow-covered mountains like the one above. Yes ... this is springtime in the Rockies at her best! :)

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Connect: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Three Videos

Showing the beautiful snow in the forest.

Pretty mountain scenery from above Chaffee County Road 306.
There is a beautiful creek that might be considered a "cascading creek." At the last hairpin turn below timberline (if you are traveling from Buena Vista to Cottonwood Pass), a modest creek runs by. A short distance upstream, the creek flows magnificently down a steep slope.

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