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Snowy Road Conditions

Pictures Of My Snowy Drive From Colorado Springs To Buena Vista

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1993 Honda Accord
April 24, 2007 - I stayed overnight in Colorado Springs and despite some very snowy and windy conditions, I was determined to make it back to Buena Vista. Don't worry, I drove slow. Adjacent is a photos of the snow coming down on my car at an apartment complex in Colorado Springs.
Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs The most exciting photo gallery of mine? No. But I was in the mood to snap some photos. This was the view of rain and wind as I looked north at Interstate 25 on Fillmore.
Snowy Highway
Snowy Highway
Once I reached the area of Cascade, Chipita Park and Green Mountains Falls on Highway 24 west, that's when the snow really began to come down!
Woodland Park, Colorado Woodland Park was fairly ding-dang snowy too!
Snowy Road Occasionally I would stick the camera outside my car and did my best to guard the lens from getting wet. (Photo: The westernmost traffic light in Woodland Park.)
Car Stuck In Snow If I had any winter gear with me, I would have pulled over to help ... Honest! (I was wearing sandles and my Krispy Kreme t-shirt with a fleece in the trunk.)
Snowy Forest The snow-covered trees looked pretty.
Florissant, Colorado As I entered Florissant in Teller County, the snow conditions let up a bit, but ahhhhhh, there was more snow coming! ;)
South Platte River The South Platte River in Lake George.
Snowy Road The snow began to come down hard once again, west of Lake George.
Snowy Truck I love trucks like this! :)

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    Wilkerson Pass Area

    Wilkerson Pass

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  • Highway 24 in Park County, CO West of Wilkerson Pass, the conditions eased up on the long, straight and isolated stretch of Highway 24 in Park County.
    Jail in Hartsel, Colorado The old "jail" in Hartsel.
    Snow West of Hartsel as I approached Trout Creek Pass, things became quite snowy again.
    San Isabel National Forest Sign
    Snowy Forest
    I pulled over at Trout Creek Pass to get a couple of shots.

    Coming down into the upper Arkansas River valley, the precipitation had ended. However, the view of Mount Princeton that many "oooh" and "aaah" over was pretty much covered in clouds. on Facebook

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