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Chaffee County Road 301
Snowy Road

Snow Pictures Around Buena Vista, Colorado

December 10, 2007 - It has been snowing regularly in central Colorado, and I drove around to take pictures of the snowy scenery.

The first stop was on Chaffee County Road 301 near the Fisherman's Bridge river access area. The sunlight and blue skies contrasted beautifully with the snow!

The bottom photo shows the Buffalo Peaks standing tall to the north.

Road Sign Many of the road signs had noticeable ice on them. It was in the 10s at about 8 a.m. when I wandered about.
Arkansas River in Colorado
Mt. Princeton
Two photos of the Arkansas River. That was either fog or steam coming up from the river in the top photo.

Mount Princeton (elevation 14,198 feet) is the towering mountain in the bottom photo.

Then I traveled north to a subdivision known as Buffalo Hills, located off of U.S. Highway 24. Buffalo Hills
Two more snowy scenes. Snow
This might be my all-time favorite snow photo. This subdivision is situated on hills with grand views of the Collegiate Peaks to the west. This was the view facing Mount Princeton. (Quite a few parcels of this area are for sale.)

I also threw in this photo of icicles coming down for a snow-covered pinion.

Mt. Princeton
TOP: Looking to the west. Those slides down the mountain are not ski slopes; They are avalanches shoots that have carved their path down the mountain over time.

BOTTOM: The larger view. The top of Mount Yale might be sticking its head through the clouds to the left.


McPhelemy Park Next I visited McPhelemy Park near the center of Buena Vista.
Snowy Tree A snowy tree.
Snowy Lake
Snowy Pond
Snowy Pond
Three photos of a pond.
Snowy Table and Benches Snow! :)
Buena Vista, Colorado
Snow and Icicles
Two snow pictures near the park.

TOP: The easterly view of the Buena Vista traffic light with Midland Hill behind.

BOTTOM: Snow and icicles hanging down from the Buena Vista Library.

Colorado Schoolhouse Clouds rolled in at 9:30 a.m. and there was more snowfall in the day. I visited one more spot - the historic Maxwell Schoolhouse on Rodeo Road (Chaffee County Road 321). Does that look like a snowy wintery scene or what?! :)
The top photo is the westerly view of Chaffee County Road 326, a dirt road that leads to ranchland. It was striking to see the road not plowed at all!

Of course, I had to include a photo of myself happily posing in the snow. :) on Facebook

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