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Scenery Photos Around Chaffee County

If you ever wondered why I choose to live here, these mountain photos explain why ...
December 2013 - Since my hike of Tenderfoot Mountain in Salida last month, I have not made a write-up about a specific hike or mountain in Colorado. Instead, I've been taking "a few photos here and there" nearly every day, and after two weeks, these are my better scenery photos around Chaffee County, Colorado. Also included are six videos at the bottom.

Mount Antero Colorado
Mount Antero (right) stands tall as I stood on a hill near Johnson Village. I love this photo!

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Sunrise Clouds


A pretty sunrise above Buena Vista.
Arkansas River in Winter The view of the Arkansas River with Mount Columbia afar from the bridge in Buena Vista.
Mt. Princeton

Rocky Mountains Colorado

Mount Princeton Colorado

Mount Princeton, CO

I've been diligent in photographing Mount Princeton on a daily basis for

TOP: Zooming-in on the mountain from Gregg Drive in Buena Vista.

SECOND: Mount Yale included on the right. I was cruising north on Highway 285 for this one.

THIRD: Afternoon shot from Chaffee County Road 384.

FOURTH: Those cattle have a wonderful view of Mount Princeton, don't they? :)

Colorado Scenery The stunning view of Mount Antero (left of center) as I drove on Highway 291 outside of Salida.
Mount Columbia, CO As I stood on Chaffee County Road 300, I enjoyed the grand view of Mount Columbia afar.
Mountains in Chaffee County

Road Closed

I headed up Chaffee County Road 306 one afternoon. The road is closed at the Avalanche Trailhead, which becomes a base camp for snowmobilers in the winter. Two pretty mountain photos.

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Pretty mountain view.

Arkansas River and mountains.

Still frame. Blowing snow.

Walking around. Mountains and snow.

The drive into Johnson Village.

Blowing snow on Chaffee County Road 321.

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