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San Diego Zoo

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San Diego Zoo
The Animals

January 29, 2007 - My friend Shana and I spent four hours walking around this is large and well-kept zoo. It is worth the visit.

Flamingos The flamingos were very colorful. :)
Elegant Pitta This is an elegant pitta. This attractive peacock look-alike uttered an amazing "woo-hoo" sound when it chirped.
Alaskan Brown Bear
Alaskan Brown Bear
Two photos of an Alaskan brown bear.
San Diego Zoo This hippopotamus looked so lazy. :)
Cape Clawless Otter A cape clawless otter.
Footsie Wootsie Footsie Wootsie On a side note, Shana and I recommend the Footsie Wootsie machines throughout the San Diego Zoo. For a quarter, one enjoys about 60 seconds of major vibrations on one's foot that feels very much like a foot massage! :p)
Rhinosours A rhinosours.
Pigs I forgot the specific name for these pigs, but I'll just call them "salt and pepper pigs" for the time being. :)
Secretary Bird
Secretary Bird
Secretary Bird
Secretary Bird
The four adjacent photos show a secretary bird. So pretty! The bird seemed very social and energetic and walked all around its area, as if it was intentionally seeking attention from human visitors.

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  • San Diego Zoo An elephant.
    Panda Bear I know this is crazy, but I began to crave Panda Express Chinese food once I got to the panda bear exhibit. :)
    Polar Bear
    Polar Bear
    Polar Bear
    The polar bear exhibit is definitely nice.
    Giraffe A giraffe.

    San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo Riding The Tram Over The San Diego Zoo

    At the end of our day, Shana and I rode the overhead tram from one end of the park to the other. It was a lot like the Telluride Gondola ...

    Steve and Shana ... and let me tell you, it was scary to look down. I freaked out at the beginning! :o)
    Downtown San Diego Still, the views were great. I included a photo of the skyline of San Diego from the tram.

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