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Saguache County, Colorado

Photos From My Wanderings In The Northern San Luis Valley - Saguache County, Colorado

Villa Grove, Colorado Saguache County! ... A county so large the states of Rhode Island and Delaware could fit inside it ... beautiful views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and so rural its can be frightening!

Saguache County also boasts of its zero traffic lights in the entire county. Being that I live in Chaffee County to the north, which has three traffic lights (and three too many, in my opinion!), I am quite envious of Saguache County

Firstly, it's pronounced SAH-watch, which means "blue water" in an Indian language of the past. Hanging out in Saguache County might give one more of a "New Mexico experience" with its desert terrain, wide open spaces and a whole lot of nothing!

Yesterday I made a trip through Villa Grove and Saguache, and combined with previous visits to the San Luis Valley, I thought I would make a modest photographic tribute to Saguache County. Enjoy! -Steve

Photo Above: The town of Villa Grove, which has a population of 38 (based on speaking with Kathy inside the Villa Grove General Store) and gorgeous views of the northern Sangre De Cristo Mounatin range to the east.

(Other Colorado county tributes: Chaffee County, Gunnison County, Custer County and Summit County.)

My Visit To Saguache County, Colorado (October 14, 2006) ...
Poncha Pass
Poncha Pass
I pulled over at Poncha Pass, which acts as a divide that seperates the Rio Grande watershed (to the south) and the Arkansas River watershed (to the north). The second photo is the view facing southbound on Highway 285.
Saguache County, Colorado The stretch south of Poncha Pass is very isolated. Ah, but notice the really beautiful views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the left! :)
Villa Grove, Colorado
Villa Grove, Colorado
Villa Grove is a small and unincorporated town that once served as a railroad stop during Colorado's settlement days. If you're driving through, stop by the Villa Grove General Store and adjacent cafe, which has refreshments, a restaurant/grill and many art-friendly items including a selection of tie-dye shirts. ;)
Saguache, Colorado
Saguache, Colorado
I visited Saguache and snapped some photos of the really quiet and sleepy main street.
Steve I then drove west on Highway 114 to North Cochetopa Pass. There really weren't any interesting or scenic views to photograph, so I captured a token shot of myself! :p)

Assorted Photos In Saguache County, Colorado
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park - A hidden treasure in southern Colorado, much of the park (minus the southern part) is in Saguache County.
My Great Sand Dunes pages:
  • Great Sand Dunes (May 2006)
  • Great Sand Dunes (February 2006)
  • Great Sand Dunes (December 2004)
  • (Dedicated to the dunes)
  • Bonanza, Colorado Bonanza - An old mining town turned "ghost town" that has approximately 15 year-round residents. I visited Bonanza in September 2002 at the peak time for the fall colors.
    Villa Grove, Colorado Villa Grove - A really small town along Highway 285.
    Hayden Pass Hayden Pass - Hayden Pass is a mountain pass that connects Villa Grove and Coaldale (on the Fremont County side). The road can be accessed with a 4-wheel high clearance vehicle. In the summer of 2005, I hiked the east side to Hayden Pass, so I reached the border of Saguache County. ;)
    Saguache, Colorado Saguache - A more extensive pictorial of the town of Saguache, Colorado.
    North Cochetopa Pass North Cochetopa Pass - The Continental Divide approximately 30 miles west of Saguache. One unique piece of trivia for Saguache County is this: North Cochetopa Pass is the only major Great Divide pass in Colorado that does not serve as a border for two counties. Saguache County is so large that it covers both sides of the pass.
    San Luis Valley Sunset Bike: Salida To South Fork - My bike ride from Salida to South Fork which came through Saguache County, which was part of my ride across Colorado in 2003.
    Sangre De Cristo Mountains - A photo collection of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. I think all of the pictures were taken as Tanya and I were enroute to the Great Sand Dunes.
    San Luis Valley Bike: San Luis Valley - My one day bike ride from South Fork to Villa Grove in 2002.
    Poncha Pass Poncha Pass - My visit to Poncha Pass in February 2006. I snapped a few photos at the summit.

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