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Raspberry Gulch Road - Mountain Bike

A Ride Up Raspberry Gulch Road in Chaffee County, Colorado - June 7, 2008

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Mt. Antero
Mt. Princeton
It was a late Saturday morning and my friends were geared up for another mountain biking adventure. Today, we would begin at the intersection Chaffee County Road 274 and Raspberry Gulch.

As we traveled west (on Chaffee County Road 272) toward the mountains, I captured these two photos of Mt. Antero (top) and Mt. Princeton (bottom). Not too shabby!

Mountain Bike Special thanks to Stephen, who recently obtained a brand new mountain bike and allowed me to use his older one. It was definitely an upgrade from my mountain bike. (NOTE: See me riding the older bike with Dave in Telluride.)

Stephen's bike was brand spankin' new ... look how clean and shiny it is! :)

Raspberry Gulch Road
Raspberry Gulch Road
We traveled up Raspberry Gulch Road and I do want to emphasize the word up. It's all uphill into the gulch.

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  • Colorado Trail We reached the intersection of Raspberry Gulch Road and the Colorado Trail. My friends did a loop by taking the Colorado Trail north (toward Eddy Creek) and returning back on North Eddy Creek Road. Wanting to be different, I decided to continue up Raspberry Gulch Road until the road ended another mile farther.
    Raspberry Gulch Road Raspberry Gulch Road ... Very pretty! :)
    Raspberry Gulch It was nothing against my friends at all, but I probably needed to spend some time alone and psychologically, I wanted to reach the end of the road from an exploration standpoint.

    The road has some significant uphill grades and there were just a few people camping along the way. I stopped to rest along the very peaceful creek.

    Raspberry Gulch Road
    Raspberry Gulch Road
    I think I discovered a new area to visit during the fall foliage color season. :)
    Raspberry Gulch Road The road becomes bumpy and 4WD-ish near its end ...
    Raspberry Gulch Road ... In fact, there was a large tree laying over the road.
    Mountain Bike Me with the mountain bike. :)
    Raspberry Gulch, CO I made it ... to the end of Raspberry Gulch Road. A trail continues at this point but I do not know much about this path. Looking at my topographical map, this looks like a neat start to climb Mt. Antero.
    Mountain Bikers The ride back down Raspberry Gulch Road was fast and enjoyable. It was so nice to sit on my butt and let gravity do the work! I arrived close to the time my friends finished their loop. on Facebook

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