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Quandary Peak, Colorado - Elevation 14,265

My Hike Of This Colorado 14er Near Hoosier Pass & Breckenridge - August 9, 2007

Quandary Peak Colorado

Quandary Peak - Our Hike

This photo was taken after our hike while we were near Hoosier Pass. This was my eighth fourteener hike and I can vouch that it is on the easier side, at least compared to other 14ers.
Shannon Special thanks to Shannon for coming along with me on this climb. I thought this was a nice photo of him as the sun's rays started to shine over the surrounding mountains.
Quandary Peak Adjacent is my first photo that I snapped above timberline. Quandary Peak's summit can been seen out there to the left. My hiking partner Shannon and I hiked on the standard route, with the trailhead not far from Highway 9 outside of Blue River.
Quandary Peak Approaching the ridge before the final grunt to the top.
Ptarmigans Amazingly, there were a few ptarmigans standing around near the trail! It reminded me of the ones I saw on South Peak over by Weston Pass.
Mt. Lincoln

Quandary Peak

It was such a beautiful morning with clear blue skies. Adjacent are two photos of the mountain scenery as we headed upward.

TOP: North Star Mountain in the foreground with Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Cameron and Mt. Democrat in the background from left to right.

BOTTOM: Almost to the summit.

Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak

On The Summit Of Quandary Peak

We began hiking at the trailhead at 5:35 a.m., which beat the crowds and allowed us to have the Quandary Peak summit all to ourselves at 9:15 a.m.

TOP: Me at the summit.

MIDDLE & BOTTOM: Shannon wandered a bit along the western ridge of the peak. Both photos are fantastic scenery shots, aren't they?

McCullough Gulch

Ten Mile Range

Quandary Peak Summit

Pacific Peak

Some of the views toward the general vicinity of north, including the town of Breckenridge (top), McCullough Gulch (2nd and 3rd) and Pacific Peak (4th).

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  • Quandary Peak Summit

    North Star Mountain and Mt. Lincoln

    Hoosier Pass and Mt. Silverheels

    The views facing the south of Quandary Peak. The bottom photo, which includes Mt. Silverheels and Hoosier Pass is one I particularly like.

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  • Quandary Peak Facing east on Quandary Peak.
    Pikes Peak and Mt. Silverheels

    South Park, Colorado

    Here are two more interesting photos from the summit.

    TOP: I zoomed-in to capture Pikes Peak way out there faintly in the center. Mt. Silverheels is the large peak in the foreground.

    BOTTOM: I zoomed-in north toward Fairplay and the region known as South Park in Park County.

    Quandary Peak Trail On the way down the trail, pretty wildflowers and a mountain in the background.

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