Narrow Gauge Trail In Chaffee County, Colorado

An Easy Hike on a Historic Railroad Grade in Chalk Creek Canyon
The Narrow Gauge Trail is a great choice for those seeking a easy and flat hike with mountain scenery in Chaffee County. It is approximately two miles long and runs on the south side of Chalk Creek Canyon. The trail was once the grade for the Denver South Park & Pacific Railroad that traveled through Nathrop, St. Elmo, the Alpine Tunnel and Gunnison from 1880 to 1926.

Directions: From Nathrop, travel west on Chaffee County Road 162 toward the mountains. Pass the Mount Princeton Hot Springs and keep going. A short distance past the Deer Valley Ranch entrance, turn left on Chaffee County Road 290 and take it all the way to the end, the site of the trailhead.

Narrow Gauge Trail, Colorado
A thin layer of snow on the trail during my hike in late October.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Salida, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Mount Princeton Colorado

Mountain Scene

Chalk Creek Canyon

Chaffee County Road 290

Photos On The Way To The Trailhead

October 30, 2013 - This was my first hike since moving back to Chaffee County. So this was a special one. :)

TOP: Beautiful Mount Princeton as I drove west on CR 162.

SECOND: Coming closer to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

THIRD: The Chalk Cliffs come into view.

FOURTH: At a clearing on CR 290, a nice view of Chalk Creek Canyon. (I also made a video directly below.)

FIFTH: Continuing on CR 290 and coming closer to the trailhead.

Narrow Gauge Trail

Narrow Gauge Trailhead

Hike Photos

The elevation at the trailhead is 8560 feet. Not bad!

As I noted above, I think this is a great hike for someone who wants to spend time outdoors, get a good hike in, and yet not have to deal with an intense climb with a huge elevation gain.

Hiking and showing the mountains ...
Narrow Gauge Trail Colorado The snow on the trail made this excursion even better. :)
Chalk Creek Canyon, Colorado

Chalk Creek Canyon, CO

Throughout the hike, the views across the canyon were amazing.

No narration in this one. Just enjoy the scenery ...

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    Narrow Gauge Trail

    Narrow Gauge Trail, CO

    Three photos of the snowy trail.

    Just being creative and including myself in a video ...

    Chalk Lake, Colorado Looking down at Chalk Lake.
    The trail continues to where you can see the summit of Mount Princeton and Agnes Vaille Falls. At this time, the trail to the waterfall is closed after a horrific rockslide killed five hikers four weeks ago.

    More scenery to enjoy ...
    Narrow Gauge Trail, CO I took the trail to the its end, where it reaches CR 162, and then I headed back. I love this view of the canyon facing east. The beauty of these mountains never tires me. Happy trails, friends!

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