Buena Vista, CO

Mount Sniktau (Elevation 13,234 Feet)

A Nice 13er Hike Near Loveland Pass, The Eisenhower Tunnel and Interstate 70 - July 25, 2010

Mt. Sniktau
Mt. Sniktau

Mount Sniktau is a ranked Colorado 13er and stands as a gentle giant that millions of drivers pass on Interstate 70. This hike is popular for many reasons. Its trailhead is at Loveland Pass, which is accessed from a paved road that's easy for 2WD vehicles. The hike is comparatively shorter than most 13ers, and the ascent requires only 1,300 vertical feet. For beginners or those wanting to acclimate to high altitude climbing, Mt. Sniktau is a excellent choice.

Above is a photo at Loveland Pass at the end of my hike. This is the view of the ridges leading to Mt. Sniktau, located on the left.

Mt. Sniktau
Mt. Sniktau as seen from Highway 6 near the Loveland ski area and exit 216 on Interstate 70.

Mt. Sniktau
Mt. Sniktau stands prominently to the left as one travels west on Interstate 70 toward Bakerville and the Continental Divide.

Mt. Sniktau
The view of Mt. Sniktau from Torreys Peak.

Mt. Sniktau Hike

Photos - My Hike Begins

I was on the trail by 7 a.m., when the morning's sunlight had not reached over the ridge.

Mt. Sniktau Hike The brunt of the ascent is east of Loveland Pass to the ridge. Here is the view of Point 13,152', which blocks the view of Mt. Sniktau.
Mt. Sniktau, Colorado Mount Sniktau comes into view.
Snow Patch I came upon a large and wonderful patch of snow. I know I look dorky, but I just had to sit on the snow and dream of a time soon when Colorado's 6+ months of winter and snowy weather will return. Let it snow!

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  • Mt. Sniktau At the saddle between Point 13,152' and Mt. Sniktau, this was all that remained of my climb.
    Mt. Sniktau, CO
    On The Summit Of Mt. Sniktau

    Interstate 70 and the Eisenhower Tunnel are behind me. And yes, I wore my Yankees shirt today. :)

    Colorado Rocky Mountains Facing north.
    Mt. Sniktau, CO Facing northeast. Interstate 70 travels east toward Silver Plume, Georgetown and Idaho Springs.
    Colorado Mountains Looking directly into the sun, my best picture of Torreys Peak. You can also see Grays Peak sticking its head to the right of Torreys Peak. The open basin in front is known as Kearney Gulch according to my map.
    Colorado Mountains

    Colorado Mountains

    TOP: The three most immediate peaks in the foreground are part of the Continental Divide. Grizzly Peak (alt. 13,427') is on the left. Some have climbed Torreys Peak by starting at Loveland Pass and walking along the ridge. The route goes up and over Grizzly Peak and eventually ascends to Torreys Peak.

    SECOND: Another view of the ridge. Highway 6 and Loveland Pass can be recognized right of center.

    Eisenhower Tunnel, CO The constant noise of traffic on Highway 6 and Interstate 70 downgrades this hike. However, it was still a very pretty summit.

    I zoomed-in on the Eisenhower Tunnel. One might think I snapped this photo while flying in an airplane, but no, I was merely standing on the mighty Mt. Sniktau! :)

    Quandary Peak, CO A zoom-in of Quandary Peak and the ski slopes of Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin.

    Loveland Pass, CO
    Two Extra Colorado Scenery Photos

    Upon returning to Loveland Pass, the lighting was much better to capture the Loveland Pass sign with beautiful mountains behind.

    Colorado Mountain Scenery One scenic mountain shot while pulled over on Highway 6, coming down Loveland Pass.

    Video - On The Summit Of Mt. Sniktau

    I love the determination of the spider at 13,000 feet! :)

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