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Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale

(Recent Pictures Taken Of Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale) - November 2006

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Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale
This page is dedicated to many of my visitors who live outside Colorado and crave new photos of the Rocky Mountains. All of these photos of Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale were taken in the past two weeks.

Adjacent Photo: Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale. I pulled over south of Nathrop on U.S. Highway 285.

Mt. Princeton Photo taken near along Rodeo Road near the Frontier Ranch entrance.
Mt. Yale I love this particular view of Mount Yale, with its three points.
The view of Mt. Yale from Chaffee County Road 306 - the road leading to Cottonwood Pass. Sadly, Cottonwood Pass is closed for the winter season. My Cottonwood Pass pages:
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  • Sunset
  • Sunset
  • Cake at Cottonwood Pass
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  • Fall Foliage
  • Mt. Princeton The grand view of Mt. Princeton from Highway 24 & 285, coming down from Trout Creek Pass.
    Here are my Mt. Princeton pages:
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  • Mt. Yale The view east of Mt. Yale at the junction of Highway 24 and Chaffee County Road 384.

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