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Mount Bierstadt - Elevation 14,060 Feet

Photos and Video - My Hike With Phil Ladden From Guanella Pass To Mt. Bierstadt

Mount Bierstadt Hike - Standard Route From Guanella Pass
Although no climb in the mountains should ever be taken lightly, Mount Bierstadt is commonly regarded as one of the easiest 14er hikes in Colorado. Its proximity to Denver and the Front Range, and its easy trailhead access at Guanella Pass (no 4WD necessary) make this a popular hike.
Mt. Bierstadt, CO
Photo taken after our hike as we rested in the trailhead parking lot in September 2010. I have a hobby of photographing my coffee regularly, and Phil placed his leftover coffee (that was sitting in his car) on the roof. That coffee cup has a great view of the mountains, didn't it? :)
Mt. Bierstadt, CO
Notice the difference in color from the one above. I snapped this shot of July 16 after hiking Mt. Evans.
Mt. Bierstadt, CO
The view of Mt. Bierstadt and the Sawtooth on the trail to Mt. Evans near the "West Evans" ridge.

Sawtooth and Mt. Bierstadt
Our Hike of Mount Bierstadt

September 20, 2010 - The sun shined perfectly over the Sawtooth and Mt. Bierstadt early in the morning.

Mt. Bierstadt Trail

Mt. Bierstadt Hike

Two photos of my hiking partner Phil Ladden. When Phil was younger, he climbed Pikes Peak numerous times and Longs Peak. Now in his early 50s, he's taking up the hobby of mountaineering again. In late June, we climbed Mt. Sherman and this ascent was his second 14er of the year.

TOP: At one point, we rested on the trail. We talked about future climbs and I suggested Grays Peak and Torreys Peak via Stevens Gulch as future mountains to hike. I even pointed them out to him as seen in the photo! :)

SECOND: Upward we hiked.

Mt. Bierstadt, CO

Mt. Bierstadt, CO

Closer to the summit.
Mt. Bierstadt, CO
Summit of Mt. Bierstadt - Alt. 14,060 Feet

A nice shot of Phil and myself. Although we passed a few climbers, we had the entire summit to ourselves. Also, I am pleased to say this was my 20th 14er ascent in my outdoor career.

The winds increased as we gained in elevation. At the summit, we estimated with wind chill factor that it was in the range of 25 to 30 degrees. Always be prepared for a sudden turn in the weather when you're on these mountains!

Phil Ladden Phil, nearing the top, gives a fist pump.
Sawtooth, CO The view of the Sawtooth.
Mt. Evans, CO Mt. Evans and the Mt. Evans Road can be seen on the right. Abyss Lake, sits as a lonely body of water below.
Mt. Bierstadt Summit Facing east toward Epaulet Mountain (13,523') right of center in the background. Point 13,641' sits in the foreground on the right.
Frozen Lake, CO Facing south, Frozen Lake sits below.
Mt. Bierstadt, Colorado The sun came in and out all day. Here is the view to the southwest. South Park is the plains-like plateau on the left. Also, do you see the faint, yet somewhat distinct yellow area on the left? That is Kenosha Pass. On the way home, I stopped to photograph the stunning autumn leaves in that area.
More mountain scenery from the summit.
Guanella Pass I zoomed-in on Guanella Pass, the trailhead parking lot and Deadmans Lake. Everything looked so small.

Video - On The Summit Of Mt. Bierstadt

Nothing beats a day in the mountains!