Mountain Scenery

Extra Summer Photos of Colorado Mountain Scenery, Sunsets and Other Things - August 9, 2010

Mountain Scenery in Colorado
Below are a variety of Colorado mountain photos I've snapped in the past two weeks. To all of my friends, enjoy your "fix" of mountain scenery!
Crested Butte, CO
Bicycling in Crested Butte. The pointed mountain is Mt. Crested Butte (alt. 12,162 feet). The Crested Butte ski slopes are located on the back side of this mountain.
Buffalo Peaks, CO
The view of the Buffalo Peaks (alt. 13,300 feet) and Midland Hill (alt. 9,556 feet) from Nathrop, Colorado.
Taylor Park Reservoir
Taylor Park Reservoir in Gunnison County.
Mountain Scenery
Standing on the Continental Divide near Cottonwood Pass. (Buena Vista, CO)
Horseshoe Mountain, CO
The beautiful view from Horseshoe Mountain (alt. 13,898 feet) in the Mosquito Range.
Mt. Princeton
Holding out my morning coffee with a nice view of Mt. Princeton.

Colorado Sunset
Sunset Scenery

Deep orange in the sky.

Colorado Sunset A pretty array of orange shades.
Colorado Sunset Plenty of sunset color. All of these photos were taken from my backyard in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Extra Photos

A nearly full rainbow. This photo was taken with my cell phone camera.

Balloona Vista Jack In The Box hot air balloon at the Balloona Vista Hot Air Balloon weekend.
German Hikers I met two German hikers whom I drove to the Avalanche Trailhead of the Colorado Trail.
Quesadillas Quesadillas at the Coyote Cantina in Johnson Village.
Snow In July Standing on a patch of snow near Cottonwood Pass ... in July! :)

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