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Steve's Mountain Photos From Two Days In Buena Vista, CO and Salida, CO - May 4-5, 2011

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Beautiful Mountain

Mountain Landscapes

In the past two days, I've taken a variety of Rocky Mountain photos. On this page are my top eight favorite Colorado mountain landscapes.

The adjacent view was taken as I drove on Chaffee County 306 (westbound), located between Buena Vista and Cottonwood Pass.

Colorado Mountain Cattle in the foreground with lofty Mount Princeton standing tall ... quite a contrast between the white snow, blue sky and the land!
Colorado Mountain Landscape Another beautiful shot of Mt. Princeton, taken from Crossman Avenue in Buena Vista.
Colorado Rocky Mountains See any leaves on that aspen grove? Spring comes late in the high country of Colorado.
Mountain Landscape Mount Princeton's imposing presence a few miles west of Buena Vista.
Mountain Landscape The Buffalo Peaks are the loftiest snow-covered peaks in the distance.
Rocky Mountains The mountains from Highway 291 near Salida.
1964 Cadillac

Okay, maybe not the most exciting mountain scene, but Midland Hill is the mountain in the background of my 1964 Cadillac picture. :)

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