Mosquito Pass - Highest 4WD Trail In America

Mark and Lynnette's Photos of Their Drive From Leadville to Alma

Mosquito Pass 4X4 Drive - Leadville To Alma
In a previous Colorado era, Mosquito Pass was once a busy thoroughfare for stagecoaches that connected Leadville and Alma. Today, it is regarded as a popular 4x4 route that offers spectacular mountain views. It also provides bragging rights that one drove over the highest continuous road that goes over a pass.

Photos by Mark Shaw
Mosquito Pass Road
June 16, 2012 - We began on the Leadville side of the pass. The road is gentler than the Alma side, and I'd say a 2WD vehicle could make it a good distance ... but not all the way up.

Mosquito Pass 4WD Road
Beautiful purple wildflowers.
Leadville and Turquoise Lake
The photo speaks for itself. The breathtaking view of Leadville, Mount Massive and Turquoise Lake.
Treasure Fire Burn Area
We climbed switchback after switchback and eventually had a view of the burn area of the Treasure Fire that happened this summer.
Father Dyer Grave
The grave of J.L. Father Dyer.
Mosquito Pass Colorado
Lynnette and I at Mosquito Pass. We had a great time in the mountains and Jeepzilla did just fine. :)

Jeeps 4x4 Mosquito Pass
An entourage of Jeeps on the other side.

An old mining site. The Alma side is more challenging ... hang on and enjoy it!

Photos and commentary by Mark Shaw in Chaffee County. His photography website is He also volunteers for Reel Recovery, a nationwide organization that supports men with cancer through fly fishing retreats.

Robert Burke's Yellow Toyota FJ Cruise
July 4, 2014 - My friend Robert, a resident of Dimmitt, Texas, was visiting Leadville and wanted to test his Toyota FJ Cruiser on Mosquito Pass. As you can see, we made it. But not before a few bumps, scratches and nerve-wracking manuevers. Overall, our 4WD outing was not too shabby. :)

Mosquito Pass, Colorado
It was cold up there. 47 degrees not including the wind chill factor.

Mosquito Pass 4WD Road
While come down, we had this gorgeous view of Mount Elbert, Mount Massive and Leadville far below.

Robert takes on a rocky grade.

Enjoying the scenery.

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