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Monarch Pass, Colorado - Elevation 11,312 Feet

U.S. Highway 50 on the Continental Divide
Considering I'm "Colorado Guy" and have lived in Chaffee County for 7+ years, it's plain wrong that I don't have more photos of Monarch Pass. On this page are four of my photos circa 2006, and two videos in November 2013. Monarch Pass is definitely a pretty spot in the mountains.

My content in the area: Bald Mountain & Banana Mountain, Boss Lake Reservoir, Waterdog Lakes Trail, Biking Monarch Pass, Marshall Pass, Mount Ouray and Maysville.

Monarch Pass Colorado
11,312 feet in elevation is pretty ding-dang high. :)

Commentary by Steve Garufi in Salida, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Monarch Pass Web Cam
On one visit, the Monarch Pass webcam that's run by C-DOT (Colorado Department of Transportation), captured me and my Honda Accord. :)

The Monarch Crest Store that's open during the warm season.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
Beautiful mountain views facing the east side of the divide.

My brief reflections at the Monarch Pass sign. :)

Love all the snow and the bright blue sky.

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