Midland Railroad Tunnels - Buena Vista, Colorado

Photos, Video And Directions To The Historic Midland Tunnels Site In Chaffee County

Midland Railroad Tunnels

The tunnels on Chaffee County Road 371, north of Buena Vista, were built to serve the Colorado Midland Railroad back in the day when railways were the primary source of long-distance travel. Although most of the historic railroads are gone, these tunnels remain.

Directions: Search for Chaffee County Road 371 Colorado on Google maps and travel about 4-5 miles north of Buena Vista. Or ... from the traffic light in the center of Buena Vista, go east on Main Street. Make a left on N. Colorado Avenue and then take that out of town limits. This road becomes Chaffee County Road 371 and drive approximately four to five miles to the tunnels.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

My Video

April 2012 - A drive through on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. Sorry for the wind noise; I suggest you hit the mute button. :)

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Hop Gulch Trestle For The Midland Railroad - Buena Vista, Colorado
Hop Gulch Railroad Trestle

About four miles south of the Midland Railroad Tunnels site and directly east of Buena Vista is the Hop Gulch Trestle site. Although the iron is gone, one can clearly see the foundation of the bridge. You can read more about it here: Hop Gulch.

Midland Railroad Tunnels Photos

All of these photos were taken in June 2006. Here's a shot approaching the first tunnel from the south.

Midland Railroad Tunnels Coming closer.
Midland Tunnels Colorado Inside one of the tunnels.
Midland Tunnels Approaching the final tunnel. Beyond this one, there is an area that is popular for rock climbing.
The final rock that was manipulated to make room for the railroad.

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