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The Mary Murphy Mine

An Old Mine Near The Romley Ghost Town In Chaffee County, Colorado - October 1, 2006

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Mary Murphy Mine

How to get there: From St. Elmo, take the spur that leads to the ghost town of Hancock. Approximately three miles down the road, there is a detour that goes around a rickety bridge. At this point, a 4-wheel drive high clearance vehicle is needed to proceed further! The turnoff for the road leading to the Mary Murphy Mine and Pomeroy Lake is uphill from the bridge.
Mary Murphy Mine
Mary Murphy Mine

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Mary Murphy Mine & much of the surrounding area is on private property. Venturing off of public roads and lands onto private land is trespassing. The surrounding mountains have miles of underground tunnels and shafts. The area is dangerous and a once safe and stable area can suddenly collapse. The buildings also are in various state of decay and are also unsafe. Obey any posted signs, travel & recreate responsibly, and always tread lightly.

The Mary Murphy Mine is approximately one mile from the sign above. You can walk up the road (as I did) or you can take a 4-wheel drive high clearance vehicle. I would rate the road very similar in roughness to the road leading to Tincup Pass.

There are no formal signs identifying the Mary Murphy Mine. However, you really can't miss it. The large mine is on the left and there is a fairly large building directly across to the right. This large building looked like it may have been a boarding house for workers of the mine, or perhaps served as an adminstrative type of area for the mine.

Use extreme caution. Most of these old and abandoned buildings are not structurally sound.

Mary Murphy Mine One of the mines.
Mary Murphy Mine Mary Murphy Mine
Mary Murphy Mine Mary Murphy Mine
Mary Murphy Mine
I walked around the mine to snap some photos of it from different angles. Again, extreme caution is suggested for wandering around old mining areas. Mining structures themselves can be very unstable and the ground can be unstable from old tunnels and mining pits below.

I peaked in one building and noticed a hole in the floor that appeared to have a few feet of space below - a good example of the potential danger of these old structures.

Mary Murphy Mine On the grounds of the mine.
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