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Lindo Lake Park - Lakeside, California

A Pretty Park With a Lake and Ducks in Lakeside, California - January 25, 2007

Lindo Lake Park During one day of my visit to San Diego, I found myself driving without a care in the world. I ended up in the suburbs -- the town of Santee and then Lakeside. At Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside, I spent an hour to enjoy and relax.
Lindo Lake Park, CA
Lindo Lake Park Lindo Lake Park
Photos of the lake.

Lindo Lake Park I'm not exactly sure what type of tree that is the adjacent photo, but it caught my eye.
Love the ducks! :)
There are plenty of ducks in this park.

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    Feed The Ducks
    I noticed people across the lake feeding the ducks. Those ducks made a lot of noise!

    A gentleman feeds the ducks from his camper.

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