Leadville, Twin Lakes and Lake County

Lake County is the birthplace of the Arkansas River and home to some of the largest and most magnificent peaks in the Colorado Rocky Mountain region. One of the snowiest areas of the state, Lake County is a playground of winter sports and activities during the colder months. On this page are all of my hikes and photos throughout the region, including the towns of Leadville and Twin Lakes. All my photos of Independence Pass - its eastern slopes located in Lake County - are also listed.

Galena Mountain Colorado
Photo Above: The view of Galena Mountain from U.S. Highway 24 in Lake County, Colorado.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Peak 12812' Point 12812' at Independence Pass - A relatively easy 12er hike that begins at Independence Pass. (It's a popular with skiers.)
Arkansas River, CO Hike: Granite to Balltown - A walk on the dormant railroad tracks to Balltown. Pretty photos of the Arkansas River.
Twin Lakes, CO - A tribute page with photos of mountains and the reservoir.
Cycling Tennessee Pass - My bike ride in photos and videos from Leadville to Tennessee Pass.

Colorado Mountain Cycling Fremont Pass - 12-mile ride from Leadville to Fremont Pass.
Independence Pass, Colorado Cycling Independence Pass - My Memorial Day ride on the Twin Lakes / Lake County side.
Fremont Pass, Colorado Snowing Like Crazy at Fremont Pass - Photos of snowy scenery as I drove through Leaville, Fremont Pass, Summit County and Vail Pass.
Sunset at Independence Pass - Sunset images from an evening at the pass.
Snow-Covered Mountains - Snow and mountain scenery around Lake County on a January day.
Snowshoeing at Independence Pass - Snowshoeing in Colorado is always great, but it's amazing to snowshoe in June!
Maroon Bells - Independence Pass - Twin Lakes - The main destination was the Maroon Bells, but there was plenty of photos around Independence Pass and Twin Lakes.
Colorado Snow Photos - Mostly photos of snow and mountains in Leadville and Lake County, with a few in Buena Vista.
Independence Pass - This page has my best photos of Independence Pass. In June 2008, I visited on a sunny day where tons of snow still remained.

Mountain Bike Mountain Biking in Twin Lakes - A 14 mile loop around the lakes at Twin Lakes. Lots of fun and very scenic.
Independence Pass Colorado Road Trip To Aspen - Over ten years ago, I had friends come in from New Jersey, Kansas and Great Britian. These are my photos, with many images around Twin Lakes and Independence Pass. :)
Glenwood Springs To Buena Vista - My photos of that scenic area, with many shots in and around Independence Pass.
Leadville Mineral Belt Trail Independence Lake - Accessed via the Lost Man Lake Trail near Independence Pass in Pitkin County.


A number of 14ers reside in Lake County.
  • Mount Massive
  • Mount Elbert
  • Mount Sherman
  • La Plata Peak (Standard route's trailhead in Lake County)
  • South Elbert
  • Leadville Mineral Belt Trail Mineral Belt Trail - A loop trail around Leadivlle, it is an excellent for hiking, bicycling, and snowshoeing in the winter.
    Mount Elbert Colorado Mt. Elbert Forebay and Scenery - My photos as I drove on Lake County Roads 10 and 24 to Mt. Elbert Forebay Reservoir and Twin Lakes.
    Mount Massive Colorado Town of Leadville - Even though I worked in Leadville for some time, I never seemed to get around to taking enough pictures. This is a photo collection of Leadville and the mountains.
    Bike Independence Pass - My first bicycle ride from Twin Lakes to Independence Pass.
    Graham Gulch Trail - A trail between Twin Lakes and Independence Pass.
    Mount Arkansas, CO Mount Arkansas - I haven't hiked it yet, but a tribute page to this 13er near Fremont Pass. This mountain is the "life giver" of the Arkansas River.
    Biking In Leadville - My photos of mountains and town as I biked.

    Independence Pass and Aspen

    Fremont Pass - Photos of snowy mountains and winter scenes at Fremont Pass.

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