Jonesy Gulch - Chaffee County, Colorado

My Hike Down Jonesy Gulch From Gladstone Ridge - My Mountain and Scenery Photos

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June 5, 2012 - Jonesy Gulch is an obscure area on the north side of South Cottonwood Canyon in the Sawatch Range. After climbing Gladstone Ridge, I chose to hike down Jonesy Gulch -- that has no trail -- because it seemed like it would be faster and easier to get to my car which sat at the base of Grassy Gulch. On this page are my photos of the mountains and scenery.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Jonesy Gulch Colorado

As I hiked toward Gladstone Ridge, Jonesy Gulch stood below. After reviewing my map, the contour lines didn't seem unreasonably steep in any section, and so on my descent, I hiked down the gulch to reach the road.

Jonesy Gulch Colorado

Coming down, there were one steep section above timberline, but I went slow and kept switchbacking.

Jonesy Gulch

A brief rest. A photo facing uphill.

Colorado Mountain Scenery

Below timberline. Even though there was no trail, I had no difficulty finding a way down.

Jonesy Gulch

The hiking downward went on and on. It was so nice to be among aspen trees.

Jonesy Gulch, CO

Finally, I arrived at dirt road, commonly known as Chaffee County Road 344.


A pretty spot among the aspens with a creek nearby.

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