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Independence Pass, Colorado - Elevation 12,095 Feet

An Mountain Paradise On The Continental Divide
Independence Pass is one of those places where tourists really ought to visit. The mountain scenery. The high elevation. The novelty of being on the Continental Divide. There are also trails, mountains to climb, ski and snowmobiling opportunities and more. Laslty, do bring your winter gear; you will likely need it, especially if it is windy.

On this page are mostly my photos on June 6, 2008. That's right. If you glance down, you'll notice a lot of snow in those images. That's another advantage to Indpendence Pass: If you're from a hot weather state like Texas or Florida, you may find it amusing to see snow this late in the season. :)

Steve Garufi in Snow
A large snow enbankment near at the highest hairpin switchback on the Lake County side of the pass.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Independence Pass


The Independence Pass sign.
Snow Remember folks, today's date was June 6! :)
Skiing At Independence Pass

I would estimate the snow to be about six to eight feet high from the ground, and there were many skiers enjoying the conditions.

This reminds me of last year, when I went snowshoeing in this area, and I met Steve Share of Minnesota who was skiing as part of his year-long adventure of skiing in every month of the Year 2007.

In that bottom photo, click the thumbnail to see all the people slowly hiking up the hill.

Snow Oh yes, I've got a thing for snow. :)
Snow Looking towards Highway 82 as it travels west into Pitkin County and toward Aspen. I was too lazy to travel down the road on this morning.
Independence Pass
Independence Pass
Two pictures of the snowy road.
Photo Directly Below Taken on August 10, 2007
There is also a comparatively large tundra pool to the north of the parking area, and the adjacent photo is the view looking toward the west with the tundra pool completely covered in snow.

To give you more perspective, the adjacent photo includes that tundra pool from the same general area. It was taken during the sunset on August 10, 2007. You can those photos here: Independence Pass Sunset.

Independence Pass Is Open
Twin Lakes, Colorado
Photos Along The Way

In the Twin Lakes, Colorado area about 16 miles east of the pass.

See my pictures of the Twin Lakes are here:

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  • Star Mountain, CO I am 95% sure that is Star Mountain, elevation. 12,941 feet.
    Avalanche Slide Westward I continued on Highway 82.

    That is a classic and obvious avalanche shoot on the north side of the road.

    Gate The gate ... It's open now! :)
    Independence Pass Area
    Independence Pass Area
    The approach toward the sharp switchback section.
    Mount Champion Colorado
    Mt. Champion, CO
    Two photos of Mount Champion (alt. 13,646 feet), standing tall and proud in the background.
    Mountain Boy Gulch
    Mountain Boy Gulch
    Mountain Boy Gulch
    Ski Tracks
    Mountain Boy Gulch

    Four photos as I traveled up Mountain Boy Gulch with an increase in snow on the roadside.

    The more courageous skiers come down "Snowdrift Ridge" in the bottom photo, then hitchhike or somehow get a ride back up to the pass. I put an arrow next to the fresh and visible ski tracks.

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  • Snow
    La Plata Peak
    The Third and Highest Switchback

    I pulled over and met this friendly couple from Texas. The man captured a picture of me next to the snow. :)

    The bottom photo shows the gate and "approach" (as I call it - ten photos above) with La Plata Peak (alt. 14,336 feet) the mountain on the right.

    Colorado Adopt a Highway Now this would be a great place to have my Adopt-A-Highway sign. It is June and there is still way too much snow to do any significant litter clean-up! :)
    Snowy Road The final ascent on the east side of the pass.

    One photo as I traveled downward. If you're near either Twin Lakes or Aspen, you owe it yourself to make the drive to Independence Pass.

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