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Hancock, Colorado - A Ghost Town In Chaffee County

Scenic Drive From St. Elmo To Hancock, Alpine Tunnel Trail, Allie Belle Mine - September 24, 2006

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St. Elmo, Colorado
One afternoon I traveled with friends to the ghost town of Hancock in Chaffee County. To get there, head west on Chaffee County Road 162 from Nathrop and take it all the way to St. Elmo. You'll see this turn off (adjacent photo) as you reach St. Elmo.
Colorado Rocky Mountains The beautiful mountain view on the right as we headed toward Hancock.
Old Railroad Bridge Road Conditions: As of late September 2006, you can take any type of car from the Hancock/St. Elmo spur a few miles until just before you reach this old rickety railroad bridge. The road you'll be driving on is the old railroad grade, and the road detours to the right to go around the bridge. The turnoff for the Mary Murphy Mine is also in the vicinity. At that point, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a good idea.
Old Cabin
Allie Belle Mine Colorado Allie Belle Mine
An old cabin (top) and the two bottom photos show the Allie Belle Mine area. Amazingly, the building stands in quite an odd position and is a popularly photographed structure.
Hancock, Colorado
Hancock, Colorado
The town of Hancock. Only one remaining structure exists - a saloon.

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  • Hancock, Colorado A sign gives historical information about Hancock. To think that this town had 200 people and served as a mining and railroad hub is amazing, especially with how isolated it is in the mountains and the high altitude of 11,000+ feet.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains A view of the mountains looking to the north.
    Alpine Tunnel Trail Now this is definitely a very interesting place for hiking, camping and taking in Colorado scenery. From Hancock, the old railroad grade that leads to the Alpine Tunnel (a tunnel that went through the Continental Divide to reach points in Gunnison County) has become a trail and the tunnel is caved-in and generally unrecognizable from this side of the divide. Also, Hancock Lake and Hancock Pass can be reached to the south.
    Sawmill Curve Sawmill Curve We hiked maybe 0.5 miles on the Alpine Tunnel trail and stopped at the Sawmill Curve. Kent posed like he was unbalanced to dramatize how awful of a crash it must have been to be derailed in such an isolated area of Colorado's high country.
    Williams Pass Road Williams Pass Road Right at the Sawmill Curve is a 4-wheel drive road that leads to Williams Pass.
    Alpine Tunnel Trail Special thanks to Kent and Chris for taking me along.
    Colorado On the way back, I realized I did not have a photo of myself and so I ran out on the road with Kent and Chris' dog for this scenic picture. :)
    Colorado Kent enjoys the fall foliage. Also note that between St. Elmo and Hancock is the road leading to the Mary Murphy Mine and Pomeroy Lake.
    St. Elmo, Colorado One photo in St. Elmo. I have an entire website dedicated to this town: After being so isolated and a long way off in Hancock, it was funny to feel like St. Elmo was back in civilization. on Facebook

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