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Granite, Colorado - Population Six

A Historic Town In Chaffee County, Colorado
Granite is one of those tiny towns you may have driven through on your way to Aspen, Leadville or some other Rocky Mountain destination. This was once a bustling mining town and the county seat of Lake County in the late 1800s, when Lake and Chaffee counties were one. Once the mining played out and most people left, Granite gained the feel of a "ghost town." In fact, there are only six year-round residents who call this place home.

In the summer, the population of Granite increases significantly, as snowbirds, vacationers and seasonal river rafting workers come for all of the outdoor recreational opportunities. The town is unincorporated. It's zip code is 81228.

Granite, Colorado
The wonderful town of Granite is located on the banks of the Arkansas River in Chaffee County.

Photos, videos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Granite, Colorado
May 3, 2014

Granite, Colorado
Granite is a special town on the Arkansas River.

Granite, CO

Winter Photos

Over the years, I have taken many photos of Granite ...

Adjacent is an image as I stood on Chaffee County Road 396, facing west.

Granite, CO Up on a hill with my friends below. :)
Granite, CO Many structures remain on the main road, which is Chaffee County Road 397.

Be advised that most of these buildings are privately owned. Do not trespass, peep into windows or otherwise make a nuisance of yourself.

Granite, CO The view of the Arkansas River from the bridge.

The Schoolhouse

The schoolhouse was the main site for educating children from 1883 all the way until 1953.

NOTE: This building is privately owned and has been turned into a private residence. DO NOT TICK OFF THE OWNERS BY SNOOPING AROUND.

Granite, CO Schoolhouse
There is a steeple and bell.

The entrance room has a cord that rings the bell.

Granite, CO Schoolhouse
Another view of the schoolhouse. Granite, CO Schoolhouse


Granite is not too shabby.

The bridge.

Nice view of town.

Driving all over.

Granite, Colorado More Photos - December 2006

Granite is 17 miles north of Buena Vista on Highway 24.

Granite, Colorado

Steve Arkansas River

One landmark is the bridge over the Arkansas River.

I smoked a cigar on the bridge! The bottom right photo is the view facing north, upstream on the Arkansas River.

Granite, Colorado Granite, Colorado A portage area for the Arkansas River.
Granite, Colorado This building served as a schoolhouse for many residents up until the 1950's. Personally, I think the building should be re-opened as an extension campus for Pueblo Community College or Colorado Mountain College. That would be so neat! :p)
Granite General Store I walked over to the Granite General Store, which sadly, was closed! :(
Granite, CO The homes in Granite.

Granite, Colorado

Extra Hikes and Photos

Overlook Hill - A short hike with a beautiful view of Granite.
Granite Burn Road, CO Granite Burn Road 4WD - A fun 4WD route east of Granite.
Colorado Fall Foliage Lost Canyon Road - My drive up the scenic road during the height of the fall colors season.
Clear Creek Reservoir "Colorado Mountain" - A hike to a peak south of Granite, that overlooks Clear Creek Reservoir.
Twin Lakes, CO Quail Mountain - Elevation 13,461 feet. My hike to the summit from the Lost Canyon side.
Low Pass Gulch - One of many beautiful gulches to hike in northern Chaffee County.

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