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Granite, Colorado - Population 6

Photos Of This Once Bustling Colorado Mining Town In Chaffee County, CO - December 26, 2009

Granite, CO

Granite, Colorado! Granite is one of those teeny tiny towns you may have driven through on your way to Aspen, Vail, Leadville or some other Rocky Mountain destination. Call it a "ghost town," the "middle of nowhere" or a mere "dot on the map," and you're in company with many others, but look at the beauty of this place.

Granite, Colorado was once the county seat of Lake County, which consisted of the land of both Lake and Chaffee counties in the late 1800's. It was once a bustling area for mining activity, but like many towns formed in this era, Granite was largely deserted after the mining playing out. At the time of this writing, there are six year round residents in Granite, although snow birds, vacationers and seasonal river rafting workers swell the town to probably 50 to 100 people in the summer months.

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Granite, CO
Granite, Colorado

A view facing west.

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  • Granite, CO Up on a hill. My friends were below standing and in the truck. :)
    Granite, CO Many old structures remain in town on the "main road" (Chaffee County Road 397) adjacent to the river.
    Granite, CO The railroad used to run through Granite. Someday I plan to walk on those railroad track from the north border of Chaffee County to the south border. :)
    Granite, CO The view of the Arkansas River from the bridge.

    The Schoolhouse

    Approaching the schoolhouse.

    Granite, CO Schoolhouse
    Ahhh the steeple and bell. The entrance room has a cord that shifts the bell. Go Kim go! Granite, CO Schoolhouse
    Another view of the schoolhouse. The extra section on the left was apparently added to the building at some point. Granite, CO Schoolhouse

    Granite, Colorado
    December 2006 - Original Captions Remain

    This winter, I have gotten into the habit of smoking cigars in remote places and small Colorado mountain towns ... as a way to cope with my overwhelming sense of boredom during the winter. Today, I drove to Granite, Colorado (Population 9 Year-Round Residents) located 17 miles north of Buena Vista on Highway 24.

    Granite, Colorado

    Steve Arkansas River

    One of the few landmarks in Granite is the bridge over the Arkansas River. That's where I decided to pull out my cigar! The bottom right photo is the view facing north, upstream on the Arkansas River.
    Granite, Colorado Granite, Colorado A portage area for the Arkansas River.
    Granite, Colorado This building served as a schoolhouse for many residents up until the 1950's. Personally, I think the building should be re-opened as an extension campus for Pueblo Community College or Colorado Mountain College. That would be so cool! :p)
    Railroad Tracks A railroad that ran north-south along the upper Arkansas River valley was in operation until a few years ago.
    Granite General Store I walked over to the Granite General Store, which sadly, was closed! :(
    Granite, CO Ah, but I did get a nice picture of the few residential homes of Granite. :)

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