Essex County, NJ High Point - Unnamed Point (Elevation 696 feet)

My Hike To The High Point Near A Water Tower In Suburban Essex County

Essex County High Point

September 3, 2008 - Today I hiked to the high point in Essex County, New Jersey. This is a densely populated county in northern New Jersey that I grew up in. My simple directions is that the high point is near the base of the water tower east of North Caldwell and west of Cedar Grove, at the site of the abandoned sanitarium.

Bernie (my best friend from high school) and I have been to this county high point a few times as teenagers. In the 1980s, the abandoned buildings of a mental health hospital were a magnet for teenagers to wander on its grounds and explore the large structures at night. It was a lot of fun!

There was no marker at this unnamed high point. Somewhere in the grassy field and near the water tower (right photo) is the exact spot. I provide my description of how I reached it, but they are by no means reliable. If you know the area better, there may be a better way to visit it.

Enjoy my photos. -Steve

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Glenview Road I parked at the junction of Ferndale Road and Glenview Road in North Caldwell and proceeded uphill to the end of Glenview Road.



At a gate (top photo), a trail travels to the left.

It was a nice walk in the forest (second) ... for about 0.2 to 0.3 miles.

Then I noticed a manmade slope in a clearing (bottom).

Retaining Wall I walked on the edge of the new construction area and noticed the water tower. That is the site of the high point! The trail begins again next to the large culvert in the right photo.

If you can't find the trail, do your best to navigate through that forest to reach the high point.

Essex County Highest Point Water Tower Approaching the water tower.
Essex County, NJ High Point

Essex County, NJ High Point


The highest point is located on a grassy slope near the water tower. There is no marker nor a name for this point. The elevation was 696 feet.

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