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Cycling The Steep Hill at Cascade Falls - Chaffee County, Colorado

If you're acquainted with Chalk Creek Canyon in the Nathrop / St. Elmo area,
then you probably know about the steep grade at Cascade Falls.
Well, today I conquered the hill. Five times I biked it up and down.
Each time I snapped a photo at the top and posted the time. :)

Steve Garufi Cycling

I've biked this hill many times, but always I've stopped around the halfway point to rest. Either my breathing was too hard or my leg and shoulder muscles were burning like crazy. This afternoon I rested between intervals with as much time as I wanted, and I focused on doing each ascent without stopping. Woooo hoooo! Slowly, I'm getting into better shape. :)

Here's a video when I biked this hill five weeks earlier: Cycling The Steep Hill (6:57).

Happy cycling! -Steve in Buena Vista, Colorado Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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