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A Visit To Cottonwood Pass

(My Photos And Video From My Mid-Day Visit To Cottonwood Pass On The Divide - October 31, 2008)

Chaffee County Road 306 It was Friday around Noon and it was turning into an unusually beautiful and warm day in Colorado. It reached 60 degrees in Buena Vista!

Being that I work at home, I did my best to get some stuff done in the morning, but by Noon, I just couldn't stay focused. The weather was too nice outside. Considering Cottonwood Pass was still open (it is usually closed by late October), I thought I'd make the scenic drive to the divide. The adjacent photo was my first picture taken while drive up Chaffee County Road 306.

Cottonwood Pass Road I will admit most of these pictures are the boring and standard photos I have taken on numerous other days. Adjacent the view of Jones Mountain South.
Turner Peak Traveling up the switchbacks, the view of Turner Peak (alt. 13,232 feet).
Cottonwood Pass, CO Continuing above timberline with just a few small patches of snow in view. Cottonwood Pass is the low point on the ridge.
Jones Mountain Almost at the top, I stopped on the road to capture this view of snowy peaks. I was looking at the divide and specifically the route my friends and I took when we hiked to Mt. Kreutzer from here.

I numbered the peaks:
1) Jones Mountain (alt. 13,221 feet)
2) "Chalk Mountain" (alt. 13,055 feet)
3) Unnamed Point 12,850'
4) That is either Mt. Kreutzer or the Unnamed Point 12,730' NW of Kreutzer. My educated guess is its the latter.
5) Unnamed Point 12,792'

Cottonwood Pass, CO

Cottonwood Pass, CO

Two views looking out towards the west side of the divide in Gunnison County.

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  • Last but not least, I created a video clip of my walking around Cottonwood Pass. It is a fairly calm and normal video clip with the exception of one part. :)

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