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Cottonwood Lake

(On My Mountain Bike At Cottonwood Lake And South Cottonwood Canyon, Near Buena Vista) - August 29, 2006

Cottonwood Lake, Colorado Cottonwood Lake is located is approximately nine miles west of Buena Vista and is popular for fishing, lake kayaking, camping, picnicing and other activities. This morning, I brought my mountain bike to the lake and peddled a couple of miles uphill into South Cottonwood Canyon (locals call it "Spring Canyon"). It was a beautiful morning and here are my best photos. :)
Cottonwood Lake, Colorado
Cottonwood Lake, Colorado
Cottonwood Lake, Colorado
Some photos at Cottonwood Lake.

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    A couple of photos going up the canyon. Past the lake, I would say a 4-wheel drive is highly recommended. ;)
    Aspens Aspens! I only peddled about 1.5 miles up the canyon before turning around.
    Mt. Yale One photo of Mt. Yale as I was driving out! ;)

    You very welcome to comment about Cottonwood Lake or any of these photos on my:


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