Connecticut High Point - Elevation 2,380 Feet

Photos of Mount Frissell, Connecticut's Highest Point and NY/MA/CT Marker - August 17, 2008

Connecticut Highest Point Connecticut Highest Point The high point of Connecticut! Today a friend and I hiked to the tippy top of this small New England state that stands at 2,380 feet. The actual spot is located on the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts and a short hiking distance of the point where New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut all meet. (More about this in the photos below.)

Special thanks to the one and only Dave Spinelli (right photo) in New London, Connecticut for driving from the opposite corner of his state to meet me. Dave is an "old friend" from my days of living and working in New Hampshire in 1995-1997. With me being back in New Jersey for awhile, I have been catching up with a number of people I have not seen in 10-20 years. It has been a meaningful time!

I include directions (as best as I can give them), photos of the trail to Mt. Frissell, the Mt. Frissell summit, Connecticut's highest point and the CT/MA/NY marker all below. Enjoy!

All the best, Steve

Dave Spinelli
Pictures On The Way Up To Mt. Frissell

The best directions and information about the hike are found on the BerkshireHiking.com page. My only extra input is, at first, we could not find Mt. Washington Road on Highway 41. My hunch is other non-locals may make a similar mistake that we made. Here is what to be aware of: Dave and I met in Salisbury, CT and drove north on Highway 41. We reached the Massachusetts state line and expected Mt. Washington Road to be somewhere soon on the left. (After all, Connecticut's highest point is right on the MA/CT border.) Well, you need to drive eight miles north on Highway 41 before reaching Mt. Washington Road. That is a key fact. Dave and I drove for approximately 6-7 miles and figured we passed the road already. I suspect others from outside the area might also think it is strange to drive eight miles well into Massachusetts, but Mt. Washington (followed by East Road) loops around a vertical range of small mountains and returns to the CT/MA border.

Photo Above: Dave looks at a map at a trailhead somewhere along Highway 41 in Massachusetts.

Dave Spinelli Connecticut State Line The trailhead begins across the dirt road from the state line for Massachusetts and Connecticut.

We were animated and excited about our hike. :)

Mt. Frissell Trail
Mt. Frissell Trail
Two photos as we continued up the trail.

I do not know the exact mileage from the trailhead to Mt. Frissell, but it took us one hour hiking at a reasonable pace. As you can see in the bottom photo, this is likely a magical place during the autumn colors season.

Round Mountain, CT
This is embarrassing and maddening to admit, but we initially miscalculated the high point in Connecticut. In these two adjacent photos, Dave and I thought we were standing on the state's high point but were on Round Mountain. This is a modest sloped point on the trail that leads to Mt. Frissell. In the bottom photo with Dave, the summit of Mt. Frissell is behind him on the right. Connecticut's high point is located after one reaches Mt. Frissell by walking down its south slope.

The Summit Of Mt. Frissell, MA - Elevation 2,453 Feet

We arrived at the tree covered summit of Mt. Frissell in Massachusetts. There are no views here, as the trees are very thick up top.

Dave sat at the tallest rock to sign the guest book (left). I posed on that same rock and pulled out my hair a bit. Dave pointed out that "Frissell" sounds phoenitically like "frizz," "frizzy" and "frizzled". He said my hair had become increasingly frizzy ...

Mt. Frissell
Mt. Frissell, MA
... Then, I don't know what the heck happened, but it kind of became a photo shoot with me showing off in front of the camera. Frizzy Hair Hunched Over Steve

Mt. Frissell Trail Mt. Frissell Trail
Connecticut High Point - South Slope of Mt. Frissell (Altitude 2,380 Feet)

When you reach Mount Frissel, there is a fork in the trail. If you go right, it is a very short hike to the summit. Turn left and the trail continues down the mountain's south slope. The Connecticut high point is about 0.3 miles from the summit.

Adjacent Photos: The trail heading down Mt. Frissell's south slope (top) and some grand views (right). The views here are ironically much better than on the summit of Mt. Frissell.

Connecticut Highest Point There it is! The marker for the Connecticut and Massachusetts border ... and also the Connecticut high point.
Connecticut Highest Point
Connecticut Highest Point
Next to the marker was a rocky area with a pile of rocks above. I think in my photo (top), my feet were probably right on the highest point and my butt was in Massachusetts. ;)

Dave stood joyfully on top of the marker.

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New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut Borderline

Not far from Connecticut's high point is another interesting spot. Continue downhill and you will reach the marker where the states of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts all meet.

According to our map, we walked on the vicinity of the Connecticut and Massachusetts border. It was difficult to enjoy myself at this point because I endured such intense cognitive dissonace about which state I was in at any given moment. Dave held out his arms to torture me. Were we in Connectictut (left) or Massachusetts (right)? I couldn't handle it!

Mt. Frissell Trail
Dave Spinelli
There it is! This spot reminded me of my visits to the Four Corners Monument (AZ/NM/UT/CO). :) New York State
It would have been nice if the marker had an exact demarcation with lines, and so I made my best guess here. On the sides, only New York and Massachusetts were marked. Connecticut did not receive any acknowledgement. Oh well! State Marker
We are pretty sure Dave's hands were reaching out to his home state of Connecticut. And as for me, I was so stinkin' happy that I threw myself over the marker so that I was in all three states.

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Dave Spinelli State Marker

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