Mt. Princeton

The Scenic Drive To Cottonwood Pass - Chaffee County, CO

My Video As I Traveled On Chaffee County Road 306 Toward The Pass - June 14, 2011

Drive To Cottonwood Pass

I began at the "upper parking lot," located approximately one mile west of the Denny Creek Trailhead. I held out my digital camera with my left hand and drive with my right ... with a stick shift no less! I have a few friends and acquaintances who make driving videos by mounting their camera on their dashboard. While that might be convenient, I personally like holding the camera so I can turn toward whatever scenery might be most interesting, instead of merely straight ahead.

As you can see, plenty of snow remains at Cottonwood Pass on the Continental Divide. Enjoy the scenic drive with me! -Steve

A few points:
0:01 - The view of Mt. Yale.
2:15 - The trailhead for Ptarmigan Lake.
3:05 - The view of Turner Peak.
8:34 - The snow banks have shrunk, but they are still quite tall for mid-June. (My photos and video ten days earlier.)

Nothing Beats Colorado's Mountains
Colorado Rocky Mountains
I didn't take many photos, but here's one snowy Colorado mountain shot. If you love Cottonwood Pass, check out

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