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An Array Of Colorado Mountain Photos Taken In Late 2011 and Early 2012

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Buffalo Peaks, CO
Throughout the fall of 2011 and beginning of 2012, I did not make many new pages of hikes or scenic places with a thorough photo gallery. Instead, I found myself taking individuals shots of Colorado mountain scenery. On this page are nine pictures of Colorado scenes that I thought were worthy to show.

The adjacent photo was taken in Buena Vista, CO. Three antelope graze in the foreground with the beautiful 13ers, the Buffalo Peaks, standing tall in the background.

Arkansas River Buena Vista, CO On Christmas morning, a photo of the Arkansas River with Mt. Columbia in the back left. I was standing on the bridge where the Whipple Trail begins in Buena Vista.
Steve Garufi A creative black and white shot of myself with my amazing hairdresser, Amber. :)
Buena Vista, Colorado The view from Main Street in Buena Vista.
Chevrolet Corvair A bright red Chevrolet Corvair cruised ahead of me as it traveled south to Salida.
Mt. Antero A nice shot of Mt. Antero with RV's in the foreground in Nathrop.
Colorado Sunset Ahhhh! Look at that sunset. No doubt, this made it on my Mt. Princeton photography website.
Fox A fox in Salida.
14er Mount Princeton

One of my favorite Mt. Princeton photos of late. The fresh layer of snow and the sun make this a winner!

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