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Mt. Princeton, Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Town of Westcliffe, CO - January 19, 2008

Mt. Princeton It was a sunny Saturday morning and I needed to get to Canon City to visit a bank. I brought along my road bike with hopes of cycling around the town of Canon City, a town known to be easily 10-15 degrees warmer than here in Buena Vista. Here's a photo of Mt. Princeton from Nathrop as I traveled; It made it on my Mt. Princeton Photos Web Site. ;)
Pikes Peak It was only 35 and windy in Canon City, and so I didn't bike much. I then felt inspired to drive through the Wet Mountains towards Westcliffe for some scenery. Here is the view of Pikes Peak taken on Highway 67 near Wetmore.
Wet Mountains Wet Mountains Now I must admit, almost all of these photos were lazily taken with me sitting in my car. Two shots of a rock formation as one traveled up towards Westcliffe through the Wet Mountains. The turnoff for Bishop Castle is not far from here.
Sangre De Cristo Mountains
Sangre De Cristo Mountains
The Sangre De Cristo Mountains stand tall and proud to the west in Custer County.
Westcliffe, Colorado One picture inside the town of Westcliffe.
Sangre De Cristo Mountains The northernmost range of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains as I was getting closer to the town of Cotopaxi.

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