Colorado Mountain Snow - Images at Cottonwood Pass

Living life in a snow heaven ...
May 14, 2014 - The snow photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! The story: I biked in the middle to upper section of Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road"). After a few miles of intense climbing, I turned back because it was too cold. When I returned to my car, I drove to the top of Cottonwood Pass to take in the snow and scenery. Winter stubbornly refuses to go away at 12000+ feet in elevation. :)

Steve Garufi
Me on a large snow bank created by snow plows at Cottonwood Pass.

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Mount Yale, Colorado


I began at the upper lot, about one mile uphill from the Denny Creek Trailhead. In the past, when I've biked all the way to Cottonwood Pass, I usually start somewhere around Buena Vista.
Icy Pond An icy pond near the road.
Snow Scene With Bicycle My bike rest amid a beautiful snow scene.
Turner Peak, CO Climbing a steep grade with Turner Peak afar.
Colorado Mountain Such a beautiful mountain view.

About a mile ahead from this point, I turned back. It was simply too cold and windy.

Snow Drift

Snow Wall on Road

The next picture I snapped was by this massive snow wall at the foot of Cottonwood Pass.
Snow Scenery Road Just amazing to see all this snow in May. :)
Cottonwood Pass, CO

Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

Cottonwood Pass, CO

Steve Garufi

Cottonwood Pass
(Elevation 12,126 Feet)

My guess is the temperature was 15 degrees. I'm not exaggerating. The amount of snow was plentiful, and the parking lot was mostly covered in ice.

Regarding the top photo, either the Cottonwood Pass sign had been taken down since my last visit in October, or it was covered by all the snow! :)

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    Love that snow wall! :)

    Lots of snow and ice at Cottonwood Pass.
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