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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

(Pictures of our Visit to the Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado) - March 9, 2007

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the premier zoo in Colorado Springs and is located on the side of Cheyenne Mountain in the southwest part of town. To get there, the best directions is to get to the Broadmoor Hotel, then follow the signs to the zoo. Folks, this is a zoo the city of Colorado Springs can be proud of!
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Lars and Wyldflower Special thanks to Wyldflower (left) and Lars (right) for coming along and spending the much of the day with me in Colorado Springs. (We also visited Its A Grind Coffee House later on. Check out that link!) ;)
Spectacled Bear This is a spectacled bear that lives in the wild in regions of South America.
Dead Zebra Carcass Inside one of the exhibits was a dramatization of a dead zebra carcass! ;p)
Hippo My best shot of the hippopotamus.

The zoo has quite a few mountain lions. Great photos! :)
Mountain Goat A mountain goat. I saw quite a few of these during my hike of Mt. Princeton.
Giraffes The zoo has quite an elaborate giraffe exhibit. There are many giraffes with the opportunity for kids to feed them crackers.
Owl An owl!
Steve I must confess I sometimes have a hard time with zoo animal smells, and Wyld got a picture of me holding my nose! :-( All in all, the smells weren't very bad at all. ;)
How cute!

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  • East African Crowned Crane Amazing! There are a few East African Crowned Cranes in there. These are really beautiful birds!
    Peacock I think I may have saved the very best photo for last ... A peacock shows off its beauty!
    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Gift Shop And here's one bad token photo of me. Inside the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Gift Shop, I took note of this stuffed penguin who looked kind of mean with his eyebrows and I tried to imitate it! :p)

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