Cycling Fremont Pass

So many mountain passes, so little time ...
Fremont Pass is excellent choice for cyclists wanting to taking on the Continental Divide. From the Leadville / Lake County side, there is ample shoulder throughout the twelve miles on Highway 91. The elevation gain is 1300 feet, which makes this ride moderate compared to Cottonwood Pass and Independence Pass. Below are my photos and videos from a ride in May.

Fremont Pass, Colorado
Steep climbing. Little oxygen. And plenty of snow. That's my kind of bike ride!

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Leadville, Colorado May 28, 2014 - One shot of Harrison Avenue in Leadville.
Colorado Mountain Highway Beautiful mountain scenery ahead as I biked on Highway 91.

The weather conditions were a far cry from April 5, when I drove through Fremont Pass in a snowstorm.

Four more miles to the pass.

A few other mountain passes I've biked:
  • McClure Pass
  • Dallas Divide
  • Independence Pass
  • Poncha Pass
  • Monarch Pass
  • San Augustin Pass (New Mexico)
  • Cottonwood Pass (My Video - 15:07)
  • Cottonwood Pass (Video with Robert - 9:00)
  • Getting closer.
    Arkansas River Headwaters The headwaters of the Arkansas River. It's a small creek at 11000 feet.
    Approaching the last curve in the road.
    Beautiful Colorado Mountain A scenic mountain across the highway.
    Fremont Pass, CO Arrival at Fremont Pass.


    Sucking air on a steep climb.

    Mountain scenery and snow.

    The headwaters of the Arkansas River.

    Getting closer.

    Arrival at Fremont Pass.

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