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The Arkansas River - Buena Vista, Colorado

Photos and Video of a Snowy Winter Walk Beside The River - December 28, 2008

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Arkansas River, Colorado
Buena Vista, Colorado. During the warmer months, this is a very busy spot for hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, rafters and picnickers.

During my visit at 9:30 a.m., it was seven degrees ... much warmer than the -4 when I woke up at 5:45 a.m. :)

Buena Vista, CO Mt. Princeton and Arkansas River My intention was to capture a photo of Mount Princeton for my, but then I decided to created a video which can be seen below. I figured my friends in warm places like Florida, Georgia and San Diego would appreciate, or at least be amused by it. :)
Buena Vista, CO Standing on the large bridge over the river.
Arkansas River, CO A pretty picture, don't you think?

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    Arkansas River

    Two closer photos that show the ice hovering over the river.

    Arkansas River, CO One more view of the river from the bridge.
    Bike Rack A creative bike rack design. I like it!

    My Video - The Arkansas River

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