Arizona Falls - Phoenix, AZ

A Beautiful Manmade Waterfall And Attraction On East Indian School Road

Arizona Falls Phoenix

Arizona Falls is a 750-watt hydroelectric plant that was created during the early 20th Century water projects on the Salt River. This is no boring utility site - it has been designed into a beautiful manmade waterfall that will enchant visitors with its sights and sounds. It is astonishing that so many of my Phoenix-area friends are unaware of this place!

Directions: 5802 East Indian School Road in Phoenix.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Video At Arizona Falls

Not mine. Someone's video that shows what it's like.

Sign Photos

The Arizona Falls sign.

Arizona Falls A nice view of the falls.

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  • Arizona Falls Phoenix The soothing sound of falling water makes this a special place.
    Arizona Falls

    Arizona Falls, AZ

    Phil Laddden and I found Arizona Falls like many seem to find it ... by accident. We were biking on the Arizona Canal Trail when suddenly, we found this place to rest.

    My first visit to Arizona Falls was during Day 7 on my 2011 bike across America ride. The adjacent photos include myself and my bike. Nice memories!

    Arizona Falls Phoenix AZ A far-off view of the plant. on Facebook

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